Weird Weather

I learned via Huffington Post, of all places, that this afternoon a tornado touched down very near Chez Maha. That’s quite odd in these parts. Hundreds of trees are down, the news story says, and some guy reported bricks flying around in the air.

‘Course, back home in Missouri a tornado wasn’t official until it had relocated a trailor park. I’m sure whatever went on here wouldn’t have qualified.

14 thoughts on “Weird Weather

  1. You sure have that right, about tornados in Missouri. In the little town I live in (Fredericktown) we get them all around us. Always tearing up stuff, whizzing right on through taking mobile homes, trees and whatever else they can pick up and dump on top of something else. We have been lucky for the last couple of years about having one hit us directly, but they sure have torn things up all around us…and the heat and humidity is just as bad this year. You know what they say, if you don’t like the weather in Mo. just wait 10 min….it will change!

  2. I don’t know about water spouts over long island sound, but the shit is hitting the fan in Gaza and Lebanon. Wasn’t a democratic Iraq suppose to spread to the rest of the middle east?

  3. Annie — I’ve been to Fredericktown lots of times. I’ve had family in the Fredericktown – Ironton area since before the Civil War.

  4. It’s rumored that here in Florida, they have developed a super-wind generator to harness the power of a hurricane. The problem is getting the hurricane to the power station. Plans are underway, under the leadership of Gov. Bush, to build an enormous trailer park around the power station for evacuees of Katrina. Democrats only.

  5. One of the CBS pictures [in Huffington Post-linked article] of a downed tree sure did look exactly like the trees which were downed by a tornado near me this past spring. The pictured tree was twisted off its bottom…..not just pushed down as would maybe happen with gale-like winds.

  6. I’ve heard that the hot air generated by the left and right blogishpere (can you really spell that wrong?) will someday save civilization as we know it. All things being equal of course. Weather is very unpredictable. And so is the wind.

  7. I used to live in Kansas and never saw a tornado…..then I moved to Iowa and have seen 4…come to find out the town I live in has been leveled twice by tornados… Yikes….it must be because the town has a trailer park ….

    I sure am glad you were not affected by the storm…and my heart goes out to anyone who was not as lucky

    I am sure the right would say the tornado is God punishing NY for accepting homosexuals….(I am guessing God may not be a NY high court follower) because it is easier than admitting global warming is a fact…

    I hope that the damage was not too bad. Last year (in dec I think) an entire town in Iowa was destroyed by a tornado(a small town). Fema promised to help…people waited until last month to be told FEMA would not help after all.Good luck to any New Yorker who is unlucky enough to be at the mercy of FEMA.

  8. Small world 🙂
    I don’t know about before the civil war but I know my great grandpa settled here back when it was known as St. Michael’s Parish. His name was Prokopf, his picture is in the court house as one of the first citizens and he was the only shoe maker around. Back then they made shoes by hand. My dad’s people all come from around Annapolis and Piedmont. Their name was Deshaney.

  9. Several paragraphs have been written, several good points have been had, but now it seems only links can be linked, only sound can be projected, very little original thought follows. Even Maha it seems is subjected to the American pie. The right elbow wielding bullies have invaded the most liberal thought processes. How’s the weather where you’re at? Pea soup here tonight.

  10. Maha — So, you post an interesting item on a local weather event and then you get attacked by commenters for . . . something . . .

    I moved to a state famous for tornados about 7 years ago. All of my Californian and big city friends joked about it. I said “but a tornado hasn’t touched down in our town in over a decade!” Sure enough, within months of making that pronouncement, one ripped through town . . .

  11. This tornado blew by near my workplace. A swath about 100-150 feet wide with most large trees down, some sort of twisted with bark stripped. That would make it a low F2.

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