Digby Nails It

Thus saith Digby:

I have said it before many times and I’ll say it again: the neocons have always been wrong about everything. This is just the latest in a decades long series of delusional miscalculations in which it is fantasized that if only the US would just get tough everything would fall into place. This is the simple essence of everything they believe in. And when they found themselves an empty brand name in a suit named George W. Bush they found the man whose infantile personality and outsized vanity could be manipulated perfectly to advance that belief.

Yeah, pretty much.

This is a very dangerous moment for the world. The US is showing over and over again that it is immmoral and incompetent. That is the kind of thing that leads ambitious, crazy or stupid people to miscalculate and set disasterous events in motion. The neocons have destroyed America’s carefully nurtured mystique by seeking to flex its muscles for the sake of flexing them. What a mistake. This country is much, much weaker today because of it and the world is paying the price. At some point I have to imagine that we are going to be paying it too. Big Time.

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  1. The most striking thing about neo-conservative doctrine is that it will simply destroy a modern society. A society of all against all cannot produce innovation or surplus. The logical end of today’s brand of “conservatism” is feudalism. I truly believe that our leaders who do not have their heads squarely up their ass know this and, indeed, welcome it. They pine for our transformation into Central America.

  2. Damn straight!!!!!And the biggest problem is when it is all over(providing it does end) how are we ever going to fix it?..And we had better start the healing FAST …the world will not wait for whom ever is next on a wait and see basis. The totally bleeped up part of it is I don’t think a majority of Americans understand how much trouble we are in.
    And if all that isn’t bad enough…we still have to live under this insanity for a few more years… think of what else he will screw up in the time he has left…and I still SWEAR if the specter bill passes it is the last thread that holds what is left of the consitution together…and it is a permission slip for bush to disregard it from now on so why would he just not declare we are fighting a war(with heaven knows how many countries by then)and his authority cannot be obstructed by elections… it is not that far out of a thought considering everything else he has pulled..After all he is the decider …
    His poor choices will never affect him or his family …the people who are dying are not real to him… he doesn’t care what it costs us now or later, in lives, in respect, in security…some call him an idiot without a plan,,I say he has a plan and most have no idea how dangerous it is.

  3. Can we impeach the motherfuckers yet? I don’t GET IT…WHAT’S THE FUCKING HOLDUP? Where the fuck is Howard “big mouth” Dean when we need him?

  4. I have reached a point in my life when I wish that time would slow down. But since Bush has been elected, I find myself wishing that time would speed up. I so want this administration to be over and I am so tired of Bush and the ‘horse he rode in on’.

    Emphasis not available.


    Clue 1: Articles of impeachment must be generated by the House. (U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section 2, “The House of Representatives shall chuse their Speaker and other Officers; and shall have the sole Power of Impeachment.”)

    Clue 2: Republicans hold a majority of the seats in the House (and Senate).

    That’s the bleeping holdup.

    Where the fuck is Howard “big mouth” Dean when we need him?

    Howard Dean doesn’t hold any elected office, muich less control the House of Representatives. What he IS doing, however, is working to get more Democrats elected. If the Democrats gain control of the House, then impeachment becomes possible. It may still be an uphill struggle on our part to get the Dems to do it, but until Dems control the House it ain’t even possible.

    I like what A Citizen said — “Governor Dean ain’t responsible fer gittin Bush out of office. You are bud.” Exactly right. We need a Dem majority in the House, and then we need to apply heavy pressure to get the Dem majority to begin the process of impeachment. We, the People, must do this. We can’t just sit around and complain because someone else isn’t doing it.

  6. Since we’re talking about what scares us: Israeli is failing in this war. They are not smashing Hezbollah. When and if they goad Hezbollah into shooting whatever they have that goes beyond Haifa, what the hell is Israeli going to do? Obliterate Beirut?

    Our neocons certainly won’t do anything to stop them. They’ll be gloating and cheering the demise of yet more A-rabs.

    I wonder, should I go back and reread Alice Walker’s sermon/essay: “Only justice can stop a curse”?

  7. “This country is much, much weaker today because of it and the world is paying the price. At some point I have to imagine that we are going to be paying it too. Big Time.”

    Oh, yeah. Besides the international termoil, our deficit will be on the head’s of our children’s children’s children’s children.

    I signed the ImpeachBush petition months ago and I’m working to get the D candidate in my district election to Congress. Thank the gods that Henry Hyde is retiring. His replacement is a Mini-Me but I have a strong feeling that the long-time R leaning district is finally fed up.

  8. has there ever been a poll taken of people who are incarcerated? betcha, the majority are born again and republicans. another hypocrisy of the right and their ingrain christian goodness.

  9. What do you mean, wrong about everything? The war in Iraq has obviously established democratic rule over the entire Middle East. It’s just too bad we have to cower in the enormous military superiority of the Soviet Union.

  10. Maybe I’m reading too many liberal blogs, but I get the feeling that the Republicans are going to take a big beating come November. I am hearing a lot of grumbling about the mess Bush and his Republican majority are creating for our nation. People are getting the message that Bush and the Congress are out of control.

    And our foreign policy is a joke…. Mr. Bring it On’s worldview of only good and evil is getting old with the American people. He’s overplayed his terra card. Hopefully, impeachment will become a real possiblity after November.

  11. I hope so Swami, Bush has about 2 years left, a lot of crap can happen in even two weeks….as we all can see.

  12. Digby’s description of the Neocons and Bush is one of the most accurate, succinct descriptions I’ve read. This country IS in trouble because of this leadership (or lack thereof) and we have lost credibility in the eyes of the world. I, too, am working hard to get Dems elected this fall! We need to take our country back.

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