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  1. We have watched Condi on TV for 6 years, pivoting on talking points as if they were stilletos and managing to rarely being cornered into admitting any facts. Now we see her flailing, repeating Baghdad Bob assertions as if she were Dorothy clicking her heels. Sidney is right. She is trying to give the appearance of being diplomatic while actually being condescending and ‘lost in space’ at the same time . While the thinking is obviously magical and the neocons parade their wood at the sight of blood running in Lebanon, it is not exciting to the rest of us. We are truly watching a meltdown. The foreign policy of slogans is a pile of cut up words , much ado about nothing, what you get is what you see—- empty campaign slogans and soundbites that cannot constitute policy that cannot steer the ship or contain the fire. There is no there there. There is no one in the administration capable of actually doing anything.

  2. I like Michael Hirsh’s article…I always enjoy a good review of the many frauds and deceptions that have been perpetrated by Bush on the American public. So many abuses that its hard to remember them all.. Bush’s presidency is an outrage.

    All hat, no cattle!

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