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Holy bleep

At today’s press conference, NBC’s David Gregory noted that, three years ago, the Bush administration predicted that “the invasion of Iraq would create a new stage of Arab-Israeli peace,” but that hasn’t happened.

In response, President Bush proudly declared that American foreign policy no longer seeks to “manage calm,” and derided policies that let anger and resentment lie “beneath the surface.” Bush said that the violence in the Middle East was evidence of a more effective foreign policy that addresses “root causes.”

The world can’t survive another two and a half years of this …

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  1. “we can’t survive another 2 1/2 years of this”
    Indeed, we may not…………

  2. I think I posted a comment a week or so ago expressing a scintilla of optimism that Rice would tell Israel to back off because, rightie cowboy diplomacy or not, no one wants a wider war in the Middle East. Boy, that was stupidly naïve of me! I can’t believe how things have progressed in the last two weeks. Holy bleep indeed.

    And then there’s Iraq. For me, two of the most chilling quotes in the “Coincidence or Consequence?” WaP article were from Chiarelli: “Quite frankly, in 33 years in the United States Army, I never trained to stop a sectarian fight. This is something new.” And from the 24 year old soldier “The first time somebody you know dies, the first thing you ask yourself is, ‘Well, what did he die for?’” Reading that and then seeing the photos of Bush with the American Idols made me nauseous.

  3. The problem lies with us.. we’re just little people who lack vision or the mental capacities to interpret genius. Timid little grumblers who can’t see George Bush’s greatness. Who in history has had the courage and wisdom to put the axe to the root of evil.?..Only the Nazarene and George Bush..

  4. ..we’re just little people who lack vision or the mental capacities to interpret genius. Timid little grumblers who can’t see George Bush’s greatness.

    We also lack the wherewithal to withstand the collapse of the United States, both economically and politically, when sh*t hits the fan, after 20% of the world population (Muslim) gets serious about focusing their hatred on us. Great Men like GW Bush and his pals not only have the $billions to handle such a blow to our ship of state, they’re actively agitating for it.

    What’s losing an American city or two when you can complete the fleecing of the middle class, get rid of that pesky Constitution once and for all, and gain all that Middle East oil to boot? Pretty damn acceptable, nay even necessary, gamble if you ask me. A prize waiting to be plucked.

  5. “root causes”.
    oh my sainted aunt.
    brings to mind john stewart’s question to john mccain in re: how much safer can we allow him to make us?
    i’m afraid.
    are you afraid?

  6. In case anybody missed it…4 more GI’s killed in Iraq today/yesterday. I bet their families are going to miss them.

  7. Glenn Greenwald has a wonderful piece up today called..Remember Iraq. It’s an excellent read that puts it in the right perspective.

  8. About the “root causes” rhetoric, does anyone else find it odd that this is the language that’s used by Bush, but it’s the same language that angers righties when progressives talk about fighting poverty or crime? Progressives are usually referring to structural economic inequalities as the core “root causes” that need to be address before getting at lowering crime rates, etc. Obviously, using the phrase “root causes” Bush isn’t referring to building Middle East infrastructure or causing fundamental economic change – the “root causes” are the bad people that need to be killed. I find his use of the phrase creepy, but am I off base for thinking that it sounds a little genocidal? Talk of provoking conflict to get at the roots of the world’s problems, coupled with a simplistic us/them mindset that easily conflates being an Arab with being one of The Terrorists, — well it makes me very afraid, too.

  9. I’m surprised more people aren’t noticing Bush’s citation of fighting “root causes” is quite the opposite of his usual “They hate us for our freedom” bit, which he rolled right into later in his rambling with Gregory. Ly.

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