5 thoughts on “What Compassion Looks Like

  1. WOW..$200,000 for a profession opinion contrary to the obvious… when her sickness was self evident?

    I should have paid attention in school.

  2. I’ve followed Andrea Yates’ case since her tragic story hit the news years ago. I feel very strongly that the second jury got it right. Her mental illness and troubled past added up to a disastrous result. I hope she can remain in the care of a decent facility and that there will be adequate studies done of her circumstances to help other women in danger.

    She was stretched to the very limits of her mind by depression, post partum psychosis, religious zealots and a bizarrely detached family who let things spin out of control. Her husband and his mother should also be looked at with a critical eye, as they allowed Andrea to flounder and sink time after time.

    My heart aches for those children, but for Andrea as well.

  3. I’m glad Texas has partially redeemed itself in renate’s eyes! As a resident myself, I often wonder. I too have followed poor
    Andrea’s case and am glad of the second jury’s common sense finding. I wish there were a way to hold her contemptible ex-husband accountable for his huge part in this tragedy. It would be appropriate to think that the loss of his 4 children might be punishment enough, but I don’t know.

  4. Moving indeed. My first thought upon my return to politics and so forth at The Mahablog is that there’s ‘logical thinking’ in the air…. This jury demonstrates that they can think clearly, and among other things, notice that the fact that someone is paid for their testimony could impact their judgement. I don’t want to reduce this case to politics (although I’m about to…) but there are huge stakes in politics, and readers of this blog are well aware of the lives at stake behind our political arguments. Politically, there is logic in the air. Feel the logic in the air it when you read about Lieberman’s problems. I most worry that the Dems will regain power, but will be plagued by inaction and indecision. Not because of stereotypes about the party, but because of a combination of these huge Bush-era problems, and people getting paid too well to lie about the world we’re in (Bush-era media, etc.) Thanks for correcting and opposing these people, Maha….

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