The Canada Bugaboo

Ezra Klein addresses the rightie myth that American liberals consider Canada’s single-payer health care system to the best in the world. I’ve observed this same phenomenon, which is more evidence that righties have no idea what we lefties really think.

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  1. Oh, maha, you know better.

    It’s not ignorance – it’s yet another Straw Man attack.

    They are creating Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt among the electorate by misrepresenting their opponents’ positions.



  2. I have seen a fair number of lefties describe the Canadian system as Less Dysfunctional Than Ours. That’s not only perfectly defensible (maybe even self-evident); it’s also a far cry from calling it The Best System Ever.

    But hey, it’s a lot easier to run against ideas of your own creation than ideas held by other people.

  3. Having seen the Canadian system, it works pretty well, better overall, I’d have to say, than the American one despite its problems. And the fact is that England’s, by all accounts, works even better than the Canadian one, and that France’s and Germany’s systems work far better than England’s.

    So why should we — supposedly a go-getter, can-do country — be satisfied with a system that’s so far down the list? Should we be satisifed with just saying “We’re Number One!”? Shouldn’t we actually be number one?

  4. ya know when you have a sick family member and ya ain’t got health insurance, waiting for 4 hours seems pretty good.
    in the ’50’s there was such a thing as “rice” communists. these type of communists bloated the overall number of com. members. these members were in the orient, give them food because they were starving, they would be any ole thing you wanted. just give them food. that is the same way with our health care system, when you dun got it anything is okay. many of my customers are from canada. they would not trade their health care system for ours, ever. some of them lived in the state and they know what the health care system is like. the only americans who do not like canada’s system are the ones who can afford ours. go down to the nineth ward and see who accept canada’a system.

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