Why Are Righties So Pathetic???

So a fella named Omeed Aziz Popal inexplicably went on a rampage in San Francisco and deliberately ran down fourteen people with his car. Half are critically injured. Popal is suspected to have killed a man in a hit-and-run incident earlier the same day.

Naturally, the righties are shrieking that we’re under a terrorist attack.

You can get to Michelle Malkin’s site through Tbogg; I’m not giving her another link. But, damn, that woman is a riot. She’s got ***updates***!!! And why isn’t the MSM covering this??? (Guess: No cute sexually exploited little white girls involved?) And you know what caught Malkin’s eye? — oops, sorry, forgot the multiple question marks — ???Two of the fourteen people were run down in front of a Jewish Community Center!!! And the killing spree ended only one-half mile from that same center!!!

Coincidence??? Michelle doesn’t think so.

(Somebody should check to see if the guy was within one-half mile of a bakery. His voices might have told him that sourdough bread is the work of the devil.)

Hugh Hewitt shows more typographic restraint:

When a man named Ohmeed Aziz Popal runs over 14 people over an hour or two, the best thing to do is think terrorism.

So where is the MSM? The attacks began five and half hours ago.

The best thing to think? The attacks began? As Tbogg says,

Now if Aziz Popal’s name had been, oh, Bozell or Hewitt, they would just being laughing it off as more wacky antics by those drugged-up California weirdos in that crazy liberal town and thank G-d I live in Septictank, Arkansas where we all we do is keep kidnapped hitchhikers in makeshift dungeons underneath the doublewide and meet for Bible study every Tuesday after COPS!. But Popal has one of those names and this surely means that todays incident must be a Very Honda Pilot Kristallnacht.

Earlier this week I noted that “so many of the loudest drum-beaters for the Right were born in the 1960s and 1970s.” Generally these are people who didn’t become old enough to pay attention to politics until well into the post-Watergate era. There are exceptions — Rush Limbaugh was born in 1951, Hewitt in 1956. But a more typical example of rightiness is this recent Mahablog commenter, who was 19 when he cast his first vote in 1980. He says he was inspired to become a rightie because of the horrors of the Carter Administration.

Yeah, I laughed, too.

I remember when we had big scary stuff to be afraid of, like global thermonuclear war. Back in the day — 1950s to mid-1960s — Americans thought seriously about what they would do when the bomb dropped. Even though the Cold War didn’t end until years later, for some reason by the 1970s most Americans had retrieved the last of the canned soup from their backyard fallout shelters and turned their attention to more clear and present dangers, like Spiro Agnew. But in the 1950s and 1960s, nuclear annihilation seemed just a twitch away.

So the righties are all worked up because Omeed Aziz Popal got a signal from al Qaeda High Command to begin the attacks (!!!). Certainly, ramming people with cars is a new modus operandi for the jihadists .. or is it??? This article says that in 2001, 5,600 pedestrians and cyclists were killed by cars in the U.S. That’s more people than died from the 9/11 attacks (!!!). Maybe we’ve been under attack all this time and didn’t notice (!!!).

Consider that most of New York City’s 12,779 yellow medallion taxicabs seem to have Middle Eastern drivers these days. Are they waiting for the signal to attack Times Square and commence ramming the tourists? Some New Yorkers might think that a few hundred fewer tourists in Times Square wouldn’t be missed, but still … (!!!)

My point is that the Cuban Missile Crisis would have driven these screaming weenies right over the nearest cliff. We were tough back in my day, buckaroos. That’s how I remember it, anyway.

Steve M. connects the dots!!!

21 thoughts on “Why Are Righties So Pathetic???

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  2. They seem to have forgotten our homegreown terrorists, McVeigh and Nichols.
    Or the Rev. Jim Jones. Or is that hitting to close to home?

  3. Reader Chris writes: “The 3500 California St hit was a 1/2 mile from the main Jewish temple, Temple Emanu-El and 41 miles from his starting point in Fremont.”


    (Somebody should check to see if the guy was within one-half mile of a bakery. His voices might have told him that sourdough bread is the work of the devil.)


    In fact, the Cal-Mart bakery is at 3585 California Street.

    ***CASE CLOSED!!!***

    (If that link doesn’t work, try this one.)

  4. Malkin asks, “Bay Area readers, I have a question: What can you tell us all about the intersections and locations of the vehicular assaults? Is there a large Jewish population in Laurel Heights?” Er, there’s a large liberal yuppie population. Will that do? Also, it’s near UCSF, home of a lot medical researchers studying AIDS and yucky stuff like that. The kind of place Malkinoids dream about rampaging through in an SUV.

  5. It really was an act of terrorism–part of the terrorist war drivers have been waging against pedestrians for decades. Unfortunately, nobody has yet suggested that we should lock up everyone who drives.

  6. Malkin asks, “Bay Area readers, I have a question: What can you tell us all about the intersections and locations of the vehicular assaults? Is there a large Jewish population in Laurel Heights?”

    Would it matter, given that there was no discernable pattern to the attacks? “The victims of Tuesday’s hit-and-run carnage were men and women, old and young, black, white and Asian.” Um, yeah…that sure sounds like an Islamofascist attack on Jews…

  7. Oh, maha, the parody punctuation is too funny! I wonder if the Dam(n)sel Michelle dots her I’s with tiny little hearts. wtf is she, fourteen years old? I think I have more mature cheese at home in my fridge.

  8. Right Reader’s handle says it all. I can take a wild guess that all the commenter’s viewpoints come from the usual suspect sources which presume to be authorities on all liberal or progressive positions. The idea that liberals want to copy the Canadian health care system is a boondogle. It was news to me that cloning the Canadian health care system was the model liberals would love to have. I have never heard my of my democratic friends, representatives, or senators say that. I have been to Europe & came home wishing our legislators would take a good look at policies that work well in other countries & adapt them to fit here. Too many right wing americans have a disdain for other countries & think the most perfect US could not possibly learn anything from any other country. Loving your country means wanting it to be the best that it can be.

  9. I laughed so hard reading this soda came out of my nose.

    Have you ever seen these cars the kids have with mega stereo’s that have some car audio store that is their “sponsor” and they plaster the company logo all over the car? Perhaps this Omeed had a huge “HEZBO” logo on his car?Hurry Robin, to the Jihad mobile!

    Shit, now I will have the giggles the rest of the day!

  10. You know, I was fine until you said “Jihadmobile.”

    Now I’m going to be snorting and snuffling at my desk for the rest of the day. Thanks, justme.

  11. “I laughed so hard reading this soda came out of my nose”
    Man, I hope you were drinking soda at the time!
    (Sorry, I’ve been watching too much South Park!)
    But along that line, when I was a kid, one of my friends was eating sugar babies and we got him laughing, shot one right out his nose. He said it kind of hurt. Hope that makes y’all laugh….

  12. Ah the Cuban crisis was childs play. Ya shoulda been there for the Suez Crisis in 1957. We were stationed on the west coast. My Dad was ordered to pack up food and personal items in our car so Mom could take us to our relocation point. Dad of course would have to stay to get vaporized when the nukes came in. I was 5 years old and remember my Mom crying because she was so scared. We were scared during Cuba as well, but we had gotten used to the idea of being cosmic dust.


  13. Ya shoulda been there for the Suez Crisis in 1957.

    I remember that, too, but I don’t remember the adults being in as much of a panic about it as they were about the Cuba thing. It didn’t seem to present as imminent a threat.

  14. Whoa ! ! ! Not so fast on good ol’ Septictank, Arkansas. All the skinheads have moved to the panhandle of Idaho which is not to far from where the Am Taliban likes to deflower ladies before they are teenagers.

  15. I remember the Cuban Missile thing rather well, we had just moved to Florida from Canada, In was 6. I don’t remember my parents freaking out, but I sure remember the neighbors talking about building a bomb shelter.(as if that would have helped).
    Keith gave a great closing Speech on tonights show, ‘hope everyone caught it.

  16. He recently married in Afganistan and the bride had to stay there due to a paperwork visa deal and I guess he got a little mad so he goes out a mows down as many Americans he could find.
    I’m sure the aclu will defend his right to do this, right up their Manloveboy Assn’s alley.
    He was a pissed off Muslim who killed alot of Americans, PERIOD.

  17. Well Drewsmom,
    Everyone hates lawyers and the A.C.L.U. until they need’em.
    Tim Mc Vey was a pissed off Christian that killed lots of Americans also. No one here is defending the perp, they are just not tying it to “Al Qaida”.The common thread is insanity or crininal intent, not a vast terrorist connection, JEESH!
    Also, I you referenced the Manboylove assn?
    Why? Why is it that attacks from the right almost ALWAYS reference sex? Your other comment mentioned oral sex, this one mentions gay sex. Are you preoccupied with sex or something?
    Very curious…..

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