Punctuate This

So if the death and bloodshed in Iraq is just a comma, what punctuation mark is George W. Bush?

I say he’s a colon (:). But some say that in his wild and crazy youth, he was an asterisk (*). As in:

    Bush joined the Texas Air Guard
    Among the clouds to frisk.
    He wouldn’t go to Vietnam
    His little asterisk.

It sorta rhymes.

10 thoughts on “Punctuate This

  1. I don’t know how far this expression has traveled outside the realm of computer programming, but it’s not uncommon in that space to refer to an exclamation point ! as a “bang” character. And so that – Bang! – is the character I use to think of Bush, as he gunslings his way through his privileged, adolescent life:

    – Bang! goes our Democracy
    – Bang! goes any stability our world might’ve achieved
    – Bang! to you or I who would dare resist him and his gang of bullies.

    A runner up to Bang would be “Bash”, which is computerese for a backward slash ( \ ).

    Bash and Bang are what thugs do.

  2. If Bush is successful in his desire to remake the Middle East by launching war against Iran or Syria, Iraq will indeed be viewed as a minor skirmish, a comma that led up to the major fireworks, bloodshed and destruction of World War 3. I fear this is the real meaning behind Bush’s statement.

  3. Well after much thought(more than bush put into invading Iraq) I have reached the conclusion that bush is a =

    We are = how much money because of Iraq?

    And even more important we are = how many troops now?

    We are = how much credibility on the world stage?

    We are = how many jobs?

    We are = how much of what this country once stood for everytime another HUMAN BEING is tortured in the name of our country?

    We are =logic,reason,law and an entire God damn city since the putz decided he was the decider.

    AND we ARE= free speech in this country when even those on the left say things like Cheves “Didn’t have the RIGHT” to come into our country and talk bad about dear leader…Are you friggin kidding me? Free speech is now a privilege rather than a RIGHT that extends to all who are inside this country?Or is it only ok for Americans to take advantage of free speech?Or just certain Americans who agree with dear leader have the right but for the rest it has become a privilege??Is there some e mail list I should be on?, because no one bothered to send me the “revised free speech” rules….yep that sums it all up… one big fat stinking =!
    p.s. I tried hitting the “escape” key but it didn’t help.. our only hope is our = will hit the delete key and delete himself..perhaps He could be the %…a ZERO from both ends…

  4. (:) The colon does all the work, but is never seen (Rove)
    (*) The asterisk is where the end product comes out (Bush)


    Rove produces the sh:t,
    Bush just delivers the sh*t to the world.

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