6 thoughts on “Take Heart

  1. Unless, of course, his prediction is based on having already seen this year’s Diebold algorithm and thus knowing precisely what the election results have been determined to be.

  2. FWIW, before the Foley scandal broke, Markos @ DKos was in agreement with Cheney. I think Markos is waiting for some fresh poll numbers to hopefully revise his opinion.

    But this is good news! Wrong-way Dick epitomizes how hopelessly out of touch the right is with reality.

    On a more frightening level, I read today about how one of King George’s subjects was cuffed by the Secret Service for going up to Cheney and respectfully expressing his opinion about the administration’s policy in Iraq.

    Honestly, what’s going on this country, when a Royal can’t go about their business without being hassled by one of the little people?

  3. I once got blind-sided [yep, from the right] by a late-to-work ignoring-a-stop-sign woman driving a big car. Totaled my little car and send me into weeks of traction and p.t. For years after, while driving, I was hyper-alert to any sense of movement from the right. I guess I suffered many an unnecessary adrenaline spike.

    Anyway, I think we have gotten blind-sided by the political right and suffered greatly watching our fine country get wrecked…..enough to be all alert and wary of it happening again. I would put nothing past these thieves, including doing all possible to steal another election. In 2004, IMHO, part of the theft was the handy spin slogan about ‘values voters’ that came quickly on the heels of the election, spin designed to discourage folks from investigating Diebold, et al.
    This election cycle, the dynamics have shifted against the right, and against any unexamined Republican ‘win’. I think Cheney’s statement is nothing more that pre-election spin, a pathetic attempt to put a fractured Humpty Dumbty back together again.

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