4 thoughts on “Wait, It Gets Better

  1. Just more confirmation of Olbermann’s statement that the President is “unbowed”. He’s like the energizer bunny..he keeps on going and going.

  2. How much more abushiveness will the nation tolerate?

    He’s like an Cheney-controlled brat who enjoys poking sticks in everyone’s eyes…..that FEMA legislation must have touched a nerve, reminding Cheney of their permanent ratings decline after Katrina hit……. the whole world got to see Bush without his spin-imagine clothes on.

    Yeah, Swami, he’s “unbowed” like a cardboard cut-out that’s wired to speak slogans and pump its limbs at Cheney’s pleasure. There ain’t much else there of Bush as human being, and never was and likely never will be……

  3. “Ah’ve juss decided that Congressman Foley would be the perfect man to head up the Boy Scout’s of America. Heh, heh, heh… You’re doing ‘a Heck-of-a-good job, Foley!!! I’m very impressesd. ‘IM,’ get it? I’m… IM very… Heh, heh heh…'”

    “Ah’m here in DC every Sunday through Saturday, vacations excluded, of course, from now until January of ’09 – maybe later – Heh, heh, heh…
    Catch the show….”

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