11 thoughts on “The Tribe Closes Ranks

  1. “Prank?
    Rethuglican’s, how stupid do you think I am?!?!
    I “lettered” in 3 sports in High School.
    I got the highest grades you can get in the NY State Piano Competition at age 13..
    I’ve scored in the top 10th of one percentile in IQ test’s.
    I’m an actor who’se been in over 60 play’s.
    I’ve directed 5 play’s.
    I taught in Greenhaven, NY – a Maxuimum Security Prison.
    I was an Adjunct Professor for 6 years.
    I’ve been a Corporate Trainer for over 12 year’s.
    If this is a “prank,” I’m your Aunt Nancy!!!”
    And if your Aunt Nancy is bald, fat and stupid it’s one thing…
    BUUTTT, I AIN’T your Aunt Nancy…
    I will acknowedge to 2 out of 3 – I ain’t STUPID!!!
    BUT, I ain’t your Aunt Nancy, either
    Neither was it a prank!
    Prank – JESUS……

  2. Boys will be boys? I’m not at all surprised. Rush Limbaugh used the same ploy in trying to downplay the Abu Ghraib scandal..No big deal! The fault in understanding lies with us for never having cultivated a quality sense of pedophile humor. It’s just a normal part of male bonding..in the military we called it playing grab ass, but I see now that Foley was just sorta like giving the equivalent of a high tech wedgie.

  3. Hmmm…
    Nothing more worrysome than Hastert without the “safe.word…”
    “Denny! Get off of me!
    GET OFF!
    OK! Gilligan…
    NO!?!?! Oh, $#!T!!!
    Jesus, don’t tighten the nipple clamp”s anymo…
    FLIPPER??? FLIPPER?!? Yes, FLIIPPER!!!!!!!!!!!! Faster than lightening….
    Oh, Jesus, thank God…

  4. Heard any good Hastert jolks lately?
    Oh Denny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling……
    There will be some interesting revelations over the next several weeks.

  5. Maybe it is time to consider whether Dobson’s eagerness to smack young butts ‘for Jesus’ might share personality roots with Foley’s obsessing about young butts.

    Throughout the week of Foley drama, I keep thinking about what a gay friend once described to me [which I believe I once wrote about in a comment here long ago], as an under-the-radar association of powerful older men playing ‘masters’ to young gays who played their ‘slaves’ in exchange for college tuition, powerful jobs, and protection. My friend said that this group so pervaded power centers and government that most folks would be shocked at the extent of this hidden group’s reach and influence.
    With the Foley story, I have remembered that friend’s account from years ago, because suddenly it is dawning on me WHY 1] there are a surprising number of gay Republicans, WHY 2] unlike openly gay Democrats, they pretty much keep their sexual orientation hidden, and WHY 3] they allow their political bosses to publically ‘hate’ gays [and therefore gain the backing of such as Dobson]., and WHY 4] the potential for lock-step vote power-over-others is so strong among the Republicans.
    It must be a hoot for the ‘masters’ and ‘slaves’ to feel smug about their ‘smart’ route to political power [the hidden-ness of which allows a continuity of power]…. spiced by the titillation of living on an edge past which exposure would collapse their whole chosen path.

  6. Donna,
    Very interesting…
    I alway’s wondered about the closeted ones and why they didn’t come over to the side that doesn’t care about anything, as long as they’re adults.
    Kind of like a modern day Hell-Fire Club: http://freemasonrywatch.org/hellfire.html

    Thanks, I need to digest this…

  7. I was enraged last Sunday when Newt G made a brain-dead bigot’s comparison to Foley’s behavior and gays (something along the lines of, “If the Republicans had exposed him, we would’ve been accused of gay-bashing”). I don’t recall any outcry, but it did seem Newt stopped commenting on the matter after that.

    No sane person would believe that prank bullshit. It just goes to show how insane Dobson et al really are. And Donna’s comment above really makes you wonder, what else are those holy boys hiding?

  8. This needs to get major air play – with all the ridicule it deserves.

    No one seems to know how the scandal broke – who was the source? The Republicans are making assertions – without facts, which suggests they don’t know. But the Dems are sidestepping – saying that the issue is the Republican cover-up in a partisan attempt to protect the majority. But the Dems are not denying that they waited and this was THEIR October surprise.

    Maybe the Democrats can learn after all.

  9. No one seems to know how the scandal broke – who was the source?

    What I’ve read indicates various Republican aides and staffers as the sources

  10. Yes, I’m quite sure that Foley resigned so hastily because of pranks. Yes, that clears up a lot that was worrying me about this.

    Hahahahaaha! How stupid do they think people are? Don’t answer that.

    I’m sure they think that the people who have been stupid enough to continually vote them into power are stupid enough to buy this. However, I live in Missouri, and a great many of the people of a fundie nature that I have spoken with are NOT this stupid, and I doubt that my experience with now-former-GOP supporters is unique.

    Daddy Dobson and the other Talibangelicals had better be careful. If people think they are lying about this (and they DO think so), it might occur to them that Dobson and his ilk may be lying about OTHER things as well. This could wind up being a very expensive problem for a LOT of people who rely on cash from fundies.

    In other words, scales are falling from eyes all over the country.

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