2 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. I liked the Bobbing for apples at Cheney’s joke. ..LOL

    I read the story today about the government wanting to deny accused terrorists access to a lawyer because it might expose super top secret methods( torture) that were used in their interrogation process. It really angers me that the government would try to hide their criminality behind a wall of state secrecy, it not only is an insult to the intelligence of the American people, but it degrades the value and necessity of having state secrets.
    Have we as a nation been so accepting of Bush’s lies and deceptions that we’ve earned the disrepect to our intelligence and reason? One of life’s lessons that I’ve learned is that we set our own boundries in how we allow people to treat us, and people will respect those boundries once they are understood. From that lesson, I have to conclude that Bush has absolutely no respect for the American people. He has judged us as stupid based on what he has previously been allowed to get away with. And what he has been allowed to get away with has not been done with my acceptance, but has been allowed by my elected representative in Washington. I need a new representative..one who at a minimum will reject the patent bullshit nonsense that Bush is foisting on the American people.

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