For what it’s worth, my polling place seemed busy for a midterm. I can remember walking into the elementary school gym and being the only voter there in other elections. We’re still using the old lever machines; apparently they last forever. (And what is wrong with that?)

See Tbogg for predictions; I’m not making any, except that many races will be close and contested. All the signs point to confusion: dirty campaigning, Diebold machines, the moon is full, and Mercury (which transits the sun tomorrow) is retrograde (damn). The I Ching is ambiguous. I’m not optimistic the elections will turn out as well as we’d hoped. Josh Marshall is posting updates on voter problems around the country. Ezra Klein documents voter suppression in action.

This evening I’ll be blogging from a Democratic Party get-together in Manhattan. I expect some of the Big Guns of the party to be there, so it could get interesting. Until then, read the latest from Leonard Pitts, E.J. Dionne, and Dan Froomkin.

Update: Plus last night’s special comment from Keith Olbermann.

7 thoughts on “Today

  1. The worst news for me today is all the rain on the East Coast–lot of close states, most of all Virginia. Damn.

  2. We might have to settle for a few good vote-suppression prosecutions. Make them steal the next one from prison.

  3. Maha, I’m impressed that you know about Mercury Retrograde.

    But while Mercury was also Rx (retrograde – that is, appearing to move backwards in the sky) during the infamous 2000 election, it was also Stationing (turning direct) late on election day or early the following day. I think that was the source of most of the problems that year; the Mercury Rx effect (Mercury rules communications and computers in astrology) is much more powerful during the stations Rx and direct. Think of the sound of a fire truck truck with sirens going stalled in front of your house (the station), instead of just driving by. So while we may have more snafus than usual, I don’t think we’ll see the chaos we saw in 2000.

    Turnout seems to be unusually high in most areas today, and that’s good news for Democrats.

  4. Just hope that the Big Gun of the GOP who supposedly is hunting with his daughter today doesn’t show up with live rounds at your soiree. Oy.

    BTW, must you do astrology? It’s not that far removed from the rethug’s fantasy life. I wonder what the Guantanamo campers get to see in their fortune (I almost typed torture) cookies. V.

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