MSNBC says Rummy is stepping down!!!

Update: The princeling will be speaking in a few minutes. I predict the Administration is throwing Rummy under the bus in an attempt to blame him for the problems in Iraq so that Shrubby can stay the course.

Update update: Robert Gates will be offered the SecDef job.

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  1. Wow, those Wikipedians sure work fast.

    Next under the wheels: The Dick? (“Bus driver! MOVE… THAT… BUS!”)

  2. There is a pattern here.

    George Tenet, as head of CIA, was pressured to provide reasons to justify the war in Iraq. (The war decision made before facts were gathered) The best he could come up with was possible WMD.The administration struck the word ‘possible’ and hung George out for the failure when there were none. No WMD – it’s not my fault – It’s Tenets Fault! (note that there was no fundamental shift in Iraq.)

    Katrina hit. The response was pathetic. ush flew over a few days after and agreed – looks like a flood. He finally realized the scope of the anger about US citizens starving and drowning while FEMA and Homeland Security were busy patting themselves on the back. Somebody had to take the blame. It’s not my fault – it’s Brown’s fault. (Note that there was a string of hurricane profiteering and broken promises to the victims.)

    The voters spoke in a LOUD voice – coast to coast – in an election that the Democrats and BUSH made a refarendum on Iraq. The result – Bush lost the House and Senate. The problems in Iraq are not my fault – It’s Rumsfelds fault. But no hint today of any fundamental change in policy.

    The dynamics are going to be interesting – Senate confirmation hearins will provide the chance to ask about torture. And – the Pentagon is thrilled I hear, they are going to press Gates for a REAL shift while the WH is expecting him to dance on their strings. But will he?

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