5 thoughts on “Feel the Love

  1. I’m not exactly thin skinned, but if I got the reception of anger and hate that Bush is getting..I think I’d take a hard look at myself and question what I was doing wrong to provoke that kind of reaction. It’s nice to be secure enough to weather a certain amount of criticism, but after a point I think it’s time for introspection.

  2. Commentary on CNN about the protests is that they are more anti-Bush than anti-American. Sadly, he probably wont see the masses who hate him, and his advisora will insulate his highness from any unpleasant truths.

  3. “That’s what happens when you make hard decisions,” bush said.

    No. That’s what happens when you make “wrong” decisions.

  4. It take a lot to piss off Indonesians, great folks. I think it was his gamelan playing, which really sucked. Or maybe its his unconditional support of Israel and laying waste to at least three Muslim countries and threatening to turn Pakistan into a stone age nation. Naw, he’s just a giant douche, and the Indonesians recognize it……No nasi goreng for George….

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