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  1. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/15976601/

    More lives, more money….and a permanent military presence in Iraq. Everything the boy king wanted. I’m just glad my loved ones aren’t dying for the neocon adventure. I guess the newly elected Democrats will be tripping over their feet to embrace the consensus of compliance.

  2. Maha,

    Check out George Will`s diatribe in the same edition of the Washington Post against newly elected Sen. Webb.

  3. Canadian reader — I saw it. Stunning. I guess Will’s being the pompous ass’s pompous ass makes him appreciative of pompous asshole-ity in others.

  4. I think people are underestimating Baker’s power. His charter is not to “fix” Iraq – it’s to rescue the GOP from Bush. I suspect he has the backing of all the non-necocon, non-talibangelicals in the Republican party (and a lot of Lee Hamilton Dems, too). I bet they can pull a lot of strings inside and outside the administration.

    Between that and the power of events (militias preparing for pitched battles; W being slighted and ignored even by those beholden to him for their jobs…), things could get very interesting very quickly.

    As for Will’s tirade: he was dissing Bush pretty badly a few weeks ago. But Webb’s an economic populist, making him (to Will) an evil parasite of the very worst kind.

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