3 thoughts on “What Integrity Looks Like

  1. That’s the beauty of language,especially when it’s used to mislead or deceive. I remember Bush telling us all what the numerical possibilities were in deaths that could be caused as a result of Saddam’s supposed chemical weaponry. In hindsight, after realizing that he played the American public, I considered the same argument could be used to declare war on horticulturists, the ones who spend countless hours working in secluded places cultivating some of the deadliest poisons known to man. Just 12 gallons of extracted and concentrated poison from a deceptively beautiful Oleander plant has the capability to kill every man, women, and child in a city as large as San Antonio,Texas. I shutter to think how vulnerable as a nation we are if we don’t take preemptive action against these cultivators of death. I certainly don’t want the smoking gun to be visited upon us in the form of a Poinsettia plant during the holiday season. God bless America!

  2. I like what Cole wrote, but I like Greenwalds original post even better. I only wish the new crop of Democrats swas paying attention.

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