I Haven’t Disappeared

My laptop crashed this morning, an event which sort of ate my morning blog time. It should be fixed in a day or two. Meanwhile I have an older (and slower) laptop as a backup, so I’ll get something posted eventually.

8 thoughts on “I Haven’t Disappeared

  1. If I was my 9th-grade Algebra teacher, Ms. Hester Worland (aka “Rainbow Hair), I’d say:

    Now that’s a likely story…(Whilst peering over my glasses)

    But I’m not…

    So I won’t…

  2. We were getting concerned that you had been granted a beautiful all-expense-paid vacation in beautiful Gitmo (Guantanimo Bay).

    Glad it’s just a laptop.

  3. Off topic – I was watching CN on the funeral for President Ford. I was surprised to learn that the preparations for a president’s funeral start while he is in office. So it’s not to early to make suggestions for appropriate symbols to recognize the contributions of our current Commander-in-Chief.

    Since this blog is, in a lage way, devoted to appropriate recognition for our great leader, this is also a good place to collect ideas for the final hurrah for our Cheif Executive.

    Now this is an idea that’s original (and I invite other ideas). For the funeral procession which would be televised, Electric Lights and Magic (Speielberg’s special effects gang) would do their stuff for a world audience. Instead of the riderless horse with the boots backard in the stirrups, the symbol would be done with an ELEPHANT.. But the part that requires CGI would also cause the pachaderm to walk funny. He would have his head up his ass til it got stuck on his ears.

  4. “beautiful gitmo”
    Hey now, it’s on a tropical island!
    Olbermann KICKED ASS tonight!
    ‘Hope y’all saw it, ‘hope we all act on it!
    The new congress is in session soon, flood those in-boxes with “inspirational” messages!

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