5 thoughts on “Sen. Edward Kennedy Iraq Speech at National Press Club

  1. Most of the time, I find Ted Kennedy irritating at best, a complete horses ass at his worst. For once, he rises to a level of eloquence at the moment that eloquence is most needed. Bring this off, Ted, and I will gladly endure a decade of your being irritating.

  2. Sometimes the old lions like Kennedy or Byrd, though they may be annoying much of the time, are the ones who step up to the plate on controversial issues because (1) they don’t have anything to lose, and (2) they’re thinking about posterity. You’ll notice the pols who are expected to be presidential contenders are conspicuously wussy.

  3. Thanks for the links. I signed the petition just now. I also believe that we do have some real statesmen left in this country.

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