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  1. God help us.

    I’m a 50-ish male. I work for women and with women, my life could not be better than it is right now, and I am absolutely ready, eager, for a woman to be President. But please, let’s not run Hillary Clinton. She is a lightning rod for the worst of the loony right, who will crawl out of the cracks in droves to fight against her election.

    Can we please pick a Democrat who has half a chance?

  2. Surprise!
    Hillary is smart, well spoken, attractive, charming, and the most polarizing figure in modern politics.
    The right views her as the antichrict at best.I’m VERY concerned that a rabid righty would kill her if she were elected.
    Many on the left (including me) are pissed about her stand on Iraq.
    The Democrats will field Hillary, Biden, Edwards, Obama, perhaps Richardson, Kucinich,Gore, and Al Sharpton.This will be interesting.At this point I think the Democrats could run Ronald McDonald and win the White House in ’08

    I figured out Iraq before Hillary, I won’t vote for someone dumber than I. Ditto Edwards and Biden, although I’d be tempted to vote Biden if he had the right partner and clarifies his platform. Biden has some valuable experience.Edwards is charming and very pretty. Sadly, he will do well on those merits alone.We may end up with the prettiest president in history which is perfect for an American Idol loving nation….until the shit hits the fan.
    I don’t want Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton. I am very tired of the rotation, and fear another Bush (Jeb) in 2012.
    Time for new blood, but Hillary would make a fine Sec.of State.
    Makes me wonder if there will be a Gore/Clinton ticket…
    If Chuck Hagel were to leave the dark side and team up with Biden, that would be a tough ticket to beat.
    Much can and will happen in the next several months to change the dynamics.An attack on Iran or some catastrophic event in Iraq or at home will change the entire landscape.

  3. Hillary would make a fine Sec.of State

    You’re right.

    I don’t want Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton.

    If Hillary were to win, which I doubt, that would give us close to a quarter century of just two families dominating the White House even if HC serves only one term. More than a quarter century if she serves two terms. That’s just not right.

  4. Discuss


    There’s pretty much nothing more to say about her being “in.” It’s been foregone for years.

    Now if she were to announce her withdrawl, THAT would be a topic for discussion, you bet.

  5. I like Hillary alot and think she makes a fine Senator. It bothers me that she has gone from suggesting that there’s a “right-wing conspiracy” out to destroy her – to abandoning her core values, pretending to be allied with that crowd now. She has built this huge facade around herself so no one can see the real Hillary anymore. I thought John Kerry was bad this way, afraid to state a position on anything until the polls and focus group results were in, but Hillary puts him to shame.

    If I could advise Hillary, I’d say to drop out of the race and drop the facade. Divorce your husband and declare indepenence for yourself, representing single parents everywhere. “It takes a village,” you know. Get back to that. New York will keep you in your position for life if you want it. As persident, you’d be battled endlessly and you don’t have the resolve or the credibility to stand up to it anymore.

    Let someone like Obama or Edwards (or someone else) reunite this country again. Hillary can’t do it, even if she wins.

  6. I have gone on the record saying I don’t like predictions.. But what the h…, think I will make one anyway. Hillary will be nominated by the Democratic party & she will be our next president. As far as her running mate or what happens after that, I can’t see that far. Not saying this is what I want, just what I think will happen

  7. There was something maddening about watching her announcement video, and that is that she came across as completely scripted, right down to her facial expressions. She delivered those announcement lines as though she had practiced them so many times that she forgot what normal tones and emphases would sound like. If she were a starlet who’d memorized lines for an play audition, she would never win the role she wants…..
    It may be that Hillary Clinton has submitted to being ‘handled’ by her campaign staff in the way both Gore in 2000 and Kerry in 2004 were overly rehearsed by their respective teams. Ugh. Agreeing to ‘be handled’ right down to the matter of facial expression does not give me a lot of confidence in that person’s
    autonomy or leadership.
    What I hope happens somewhere in the media or on the net is a comparison table of candidates’ work history. Anyone know of what legislation Hillary Clinton has introduced, co-sponsored or shepherded to fruition?

  8. Donna nailed it. I distrust Hillary and the unease starts at the point Donna identified; HC is ‘handled’ like a pet poodle at an AKC show.I fear that the management will direct her policies post-election. I don’t get the feeling she is running as much as this off-stage invisible gang what she won’t admit to and I can’t question.

    The exact same thing is true of McCain. When he was independent, he held the far right religious nuts in near-contempt. Now that he has given over his campaign to the handlers he is trying to get cozy with Faldwell and his gang.

    This is also why Obama has such a following, I think. He looks like he is genuine. He lools like he has hope for America and he looks like his loyalty is to the people. Enter the paradox. He has not been in the system so long as to be corrupted by it as Clinton and McCain. But he lacks the experience, and that could make him a weak president.

  9. I don’t like Hillary at all. She is a DLC corporate inside the beltway fake. I find her to be like fingernails on a blackboard.
    If she gets the nomination I will sit 08 out. Nothing can make me vote for her.

  10. Coverage by the MSM and pundits speculating on whether or not Hillary would run in ’08 has been bad enough over the past many months. Now that she has thrown her hat in the ring, I will be forced to avoid all TV and radio.

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