Libby, Libby, Libby

I take it some significant stuff happened at the Scooter Libby trial today. I’m still trying to take it in, as I was focused elsewhere most of the day. But it appears Scooter is toast. Lots of updates at firedoglake.

Chris Matthews has finally figured out that the story about Joe Wilson being sent to Niger by his wife was a red herring tossed by Cheney’s office to discredit Joe Wilson. He should have gotten that straight three and a half years ago, but better late than never.

The trial so far has pictured Dick the Dick as the instigator of the plot against the Wilsons. Dan Froomkin writes that the testimony

…gives credence to the widespread view that Vice President Cheney oversees his own intensely secretive, highly defensive and sometimes ruthless operation within the White House — and that he does so with President Bush’s approval, but often outside the view of Bush’s top aides.

6 thoughts on “Libby, Libby, Libby

  1. Media Matters has the other story in this tale. It says that this whole thing has been the opposite of Watergate. Instead of the media discover the coverup, the media has helped in the cover up. So, along with some of the Bush administration committing treason, the media tried to hellp cover it up. What is this world coming to????? Where is the outrage????

  2. It was pretty funny seeing Tweety getting clear and getting angry about stuff the rest of us figured out long ago. I guess the idea that Libby had called Russert to complain about him finally pierced his consciousness. I can only hope that, if he gets it, many others who haven’t been paying attention will now get it, too.

  3. I was kind of amazed to see bits of this trial shown on the evening news. I didn’t pay close attention to what they were saying about it (the sound was off where I was at), but was just astonished that it broke through their collective hypnosis. It’s so easy to feel like a visionary in this country, which is extremely sad when you think about it.

  4. You’ve got to give some credit to Matthews for at least raising the questions, unlike most news outlets at the time. Considering the political machine he was up against, is it surprising he couldn’t connect all the dots? Apparently Cheney thought he was credible – which (hopefully) will turn out to be his ultimate undoing.

  5. The one thing that Matthews did right away was to state that he had been told that “Wilson’s wife was fair game.” I think that was an important point for every one to here. I believe this act of outing Plame was an act of treason and wish the person who did it would be held legally accountable (although I do not wish for the death penalty). But, a good, long stint in jail for either Cheney and/or Rove and/or Bush would do them and America a world of good. Unfortunately, I suppose they will get away with this, too. And, treason will then become okay for all Republicans. However, I don’t recommend a Democrat try it and think they will get away with it.

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