3 thoughts on “Speaking of Whitewater …

  1. So I guess the moral of this story is that it is true that the rotten apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.It is so nice to see the bushs sharing their “family values”.
    You know, I am glad the righties,in their never ending quest to out do each others ignorance brought up Clinton because it gives me a chance to ask the righties a question…What will we tell our children?????We have a president who lies and he is teaching our kids that it is ok to be a corrupt liar.Mommy and Daddy let bush do it so it must not be wrong.Lie,cheat,steal and if you get caught hell just lie some more.The message we are sending to children is that it is ok to be the biggest piece of crap you can be,just as long as there is no sex involved.
    What about the children?What is this teaching them? That “morals” and standards are just something we say, not something we practice?
    And what does this tell us about the way bush was raised?Is it not child abuse to pass this kind of rot on to your children?What a sick reality.And they were worried about Murphy Brown???Holy crap!
    One might say bush family actions are destroying the moral fiber of this great nation.Sad.

  2. WOW!! Just…Wow. Amazing ain’t the word. Conason strikes again.

    Maha, you should put this link in every one of your posts on The Purge, with a tag line like “Bush family values” or justme’s “rotten apple”. It’s going to get lost if you leave it all by itself in this liiitle spot.

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