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  1. Maha,
    Is denial of reality mental illness? Probably. I gave up arguing with True Believers a long time ago. We really need to just try our best to keep them from having power over the rest of us, who appreciate modernity and reality. You can never convince them. Aim for those that still have one foot on the deck. You do a great job of this by pointing out their inconsistencies.

  2. Good lord, that has to be about the most ludicrous commentary I’ve read in the last few months. While it may not be noteworthy in its “nastiness” as so many others are, it ranks right up there in the delusional catagory.
    Worst of all, there are actually people who will buy this drivel, lock stock and barrel.
    I’m utterly stunned at the stupidity.

  3. I wonder if they ever get an inkling that their reasoning is totally off the wall & get very, very scared they might be lost in fantasy land? It might explain some of the frantic hysteria.

  4. It’s so irrational that I can’t even understand what it is that they are asserting. Something about Ms. Wilson not knowing if she was covert?

    Even though she said, in so many words, that she was a covert officer? Even though the CIA said it too?

    Is it that they’ve worked themselves so hard over the question of the narrow legalism of the definition in one statute that they now actually believe THAT is what the word means? That would be delusion.

    Because I would have thought it obvious that defining common English words only in reference to their use in specialized legal statutes is bankrupt. (Which chapter?)

    (Besides, I have a feeling the CIA was using covert before Vicky Toensing ever got her hands on it, so their usage has precedence in my book.)

    But even if we wanted to live in legalism-land, since Plame’s status has never been established one way or another under that statute in a court of law, her covert status in that (specialized, extremely narrow, legalistic) context is undetermined, no matter how they read the law and think it would be adjudicated.

    So, even when, for the sake of argument, I try to imagine a perspective from which what they say would make sense, I can’t.

    And that thing about being outed by her husband? My old roommate who was schizophrenic made more sense when he was off his meds.

  5. What you are seeing is the paranoia about the next round. Plame is in the process of suing for what the White House did to her in revenge for Wilson challenging the false allegations the WH made about Niger & bomb making.

    The wingnuts see Libby in jail, the AG on the verge of resigning and future suits against Chenney and they are frightened out of their socks. Right now they will do ANYTHING to distract us from seeing the truth.

  6. Wingnuts cannot accept the truth, when the truth contradicts a belief they hold dear. And so any sort of fabrication – a defense mechanism really – is seen among them as clever, and sophisticated reasoning.

    It’s a waste of time to reason with these people. They’ll only figure it out when their personal lives crumble. They have to hit bottom first. Unfortunately that may mean taking the rest of the country down with them.

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