Don’t Watch on a Full Stomach

Speaking of who’s angry and who’s not — Ann Althouse, self-absorbed dimwit and tool for the Right, “debates” Garance Franke-Ruta at Bloggingheads. If you don’t remember the Jessica Valenti Breast Controversy, read Althouse’s infamous post that touched it off here. At Orcinus, David Neiwert patiently explains to Althouse why lefties don’t like her.

See also Scott Lemieux, John Amato, and Michael Bérubé.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Watch on a Full Stomach

  1. What an odd episode.

    At the risk of unwittingly joining Ms. Althouse’s oppressors, I will submit that typically, if one asks “Why do they hate me?”, it is poor form to jump all over someone who quite reasonably tries to offer a possible answer. Disinterested people who prefer to tune out blog-wars may decide, based on such behavior, that one is a loon.

    Even before the disinterested person clicks over to the original post in question and reads it, and the toxic responses to the commenters there, and decides that if she couldn’t figure out the answer to her own question, she really is a dimwit.

  2. Actually, for me I became very unimpressed with Althouse when she said she voted for Bush in 04 because of 9/11. The decision in itself showed to me she was not a very thoughtful woman. I always felt and, still do, that any average 50-something business man could have handled the situation every bit as well as Bush did. In fact, I think Gore or B. Clinton would have handled it better. America, at least, wouldn’t be in this immoral and illegal war without end. Bush did not do any thing extraordinary after 9/11 except to use it to put money in his and his friends pockets. He mostly showed that he can follow stage direction pretty well.

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