Pelosi Wears Scarf; Righties Bark at Moon

[Update: This post is being linked to in a forum in which some rightie claims it is only us lefties making a Big Bleeping Deal out of the scarf. The fact is, much of the rightie blogosphere went into hysterics about Nancy Pelosi’s scarf. Think Progress has a selection of links.]

Of all the dumb things to get worked up into a snit about, this one is almost as dumb as Ann Althouse’s boob post.

The jolly folks at Little Green Footballs have gone batshit bleeping crazy because Nancy Pelosi wore a headscarf to visit a mosque in Syria. “Pelosi in a hijab!” they shriek.

Hello? Some of us are old enough to remember when women were required to cover their hair in Catholic churches. Here’s the divine Jackie with that first guy she married outside a church sometime in the late 1950s.

Apparently scarves are still a requirement at the Vatican.

[Update] Speaking of Laura Bush, here’s a lovely photograph of her visiting the Muslim holy shrine the Dome of the Rock in the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City, May 22, 2005.

I’d also like to note that American women very commonly wore headscarves tied under their chins like that all through the 1950s and into the 1960s. I remember wearing them myself; one wrapped one’s head when going outside to protect one’s bouffant hairdo from wind and weather. Apparently the only woman on the planet who still does that is Queen Elizabeth II, as portrayed below by Helen Mirren in The Queen (which is a lovely little flm, btw).

Nowadays it looks frumpy as hell, but Audrey Hepburn could carry it off.

I can’t say that Muslim women never wear a tied-under-the-chin scarf, but from what I see in photographs an actual hijab is usually wrapped rather than tied.

I’m certain I’ve seen photographs of Karen Hughes and Condi Rice with scarves wrapped around their heads hijab-style while visiting the Middle East, but I couldn’t find one to post here. If anyone else can, please leave the URL in the comments.

Update: Check out the exclusive Pelosi in ’07 tee shirt!

Update2: Thank you and a big smooch to maha reader johnnyrocket, who found this photo of Condi Rice in “hijab.”

Update3: Now LGF is whining that we lefties are being mean to them. The point was not about the scarf, they say, but that Pelosi was in Syria.

First, read this post and tell me the point isn’t about the scarf.

Second, three Republican congressmen were in Damascus last week.

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  2. The republicans weren’t in my Shul this week as the Ultra Religous women all cover their heads(Men wear Kippa’s).These republicans are only workingh overtime to discredit and destablize the Democratic Controlled Congress as they hold the purse strings and doing the Oversight work we have elected them to do.

  3. Sputter . . . gasp . . . sputter. But it’s different when Pelosi does it because . . . . well, um, BECAUSE RUSH SAID SO, GODAMMIT!

    Heh. Guess I showed you stupid libs how to argue.

  4. Thank you for not mincing words. The “hijab” nonsense is not worth responding to unless you do it properly, as you have.

  5. Before I started chemotherapy last year, it had certainly been a while since I had worn a headscarf. One of my doctors wears a hijab, and I got some great scarf-wearing advice from her. I confess I had always wanted to look more like Audrey Hepburn, but then I saw a rather famous pic of Valerie Plame in a fine, fine scarf-do, and that settled it for me. Unfortunately, seeing Laura Bush in a scarf is now ruining it for me.

    Oh yeah, and fuck LGF.

  6. And when Western men visit the Middle East, they try not to offend local custom. They don’t cross their legs while sitting to show the sole of their shoe to their companions. They don’t eat with their left hand. Etc.

  7. What’s fun about this particular point of their outrage is many of these wingnuts would likely see the merit in covering the beautiful, tempting hair of womenfolk.

    Oh, and Orthodox Christians still make women cover their heads, too.

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  9. personally, i read more into the shot of Bush holding hands the ruler of the house of saud on the white house lawn…

  10. Yes. Well it’s hardly surprising to see further demonstration that the right have no concept of diplomacy. As well as civilization, it is something that seems to have somehow bypassed them. Perhaps she should have driven there in a Hummer, wearing a stars-and-stripes bikini, shouting ‘USA, USA’.

  11. Oh, and whatever you do, don’t point out that:

    1) The Israelis are GLAD she’s there
    2) The Israelis are using her as a go-between from Israel to Syria (
    3) There are three Republican Congressmen in Syria meeting with Assad RIGHT NOW (
    4) The three Republican Congressmen are in Syrian ON BUSH’S ORDERS. (

  12. The rightwingers not only don’t have a concept of diplomacy; but they don’t even have a concept of something even more simple than that–good manners. Thanks, Maha.

    When my Mom died, I went through all her scarves. She had very many from living in the 30s, 40s, 50s, and on. I could remember seeing her in many of the scarves when I was a little girl. I wanted to keep them; but, knew that I would not wear them. I offered them to my cousins; each took one they remembered Mom wearing. Nice memories.

  13. Great post Barbara! I really miss the boufaunt though. If I had a pop song it would be “i’m bringing the boufaunt back”. Always glamourous.

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  15. That’s not really hijab, anyway–see how much of her hair and neck are showing? According to the rules of modesty, nothing but the face may be shown. I certainly wouldn’t wear my hijab in such a fashion, at least not out in public. Not that I wear hijab regularly or often, but when I do I wear it correctly. It looks like in all these pictures (Pelosi included!) that the women are making a minimal concession to diplomacy. But by leaving their hair or throats uncovered, they are also insisting that the other side also make a similar concession in their views of what is acceptable. Does that make sense? On the one side, they are showing respect by wearing a veil, even though they don’t believe women should have to, and on the other, they are showing respect by letting go of the idea of “correct” veiling for these women, even though they feel it is immoral. (I’m not saying I agree, mind. Just that it’s their opinion.)

  16. The abhorrence of any moderate form of hijab is a brazen embodiment of the U.S.’s fear and intolerance of people of the Muslim faith. A diplomat traveling abroad will obviously strive to adhere to the customs of the host-country, especially in a place of worship. I had thought it was common knowledge that, upon entering a mosque, you must remove your shoes and –if you are female–cover up all exposed skin save the hands and face. I had never thought it strange or extreme, having been raised Greek-orthodox. In addition to the headscarf, we would often have to wear long, black gloves!
    The reaction to Mrs. Pelosi’s respectful and no doubt obligatory gesture reveals the ignorance and racism still harbored by most Americans. Hijab to them symbolizes something evil and threatening. It is endlessly frustrating.

  17. Oh my gosh! THIS is the biggest story of the year so far! Forget all that stuff about Attorneygate or Plamegate or even Sanjaya from American Idol. This is it! Scarfgate!

  18. It’s not about the scarf. It’s about the Speaker of the House off in a foreign country consorting with terrorists. Are you all really that dense? A rhetorical question based on what I read here.

  19. I’m laughing as I remember my mom fishing Kleenex out of her purse which she attached to our heads with a bobbypin….in the church vestibule. It was the 60s- if you forgot your hat, you had to substitute a snot rag.

  20. It’s not about the scarf. It’s about the Speaker of the House off in a foreign country consorting with terrorists. Are you all really that dense? A rhetorical question based on what I read here.

    You mean the same terrorists three Republican congressmen were cavorting with last week?

    Frank Wolf of Virginia, Joseph Pitts of Pennsylvania and Robert Aderholt of Alabama were in Damascus ahead of a visit this week by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi whose inclusion of Syria on her Middle East tour was condemned by the White House.

    Righties are sooooo stupid.

    And, anyway, at LGF and several other sites it really was about the scarf.

  21. What the lefties here are missing is that La Pelosi is visiting Syria which is an enemy. They are helping the terrorists kill Muslim Iraqis and US troops. So La Pelosi is providing aid and comfort to our enemies and doing major ass kissing in their mosques. When a Muslim leader comes here do we take him to churches and synagogues?

  22. Well, as a gal who likes to tool around in her convertible, I would just like to say thanks to Nancy, and to Maha for the scarf tips.I got a pink Chanel scarf for Christmas and I am just dying to wear it…knowing it will upset any rightie who sees me crusin is an added extra gift.
    Knowing how fashion savvy Nancy is I wonder whos scarf she was wearing?Olga cassini perhaps?OMG I hope it wasn’t french or that may launch said group of righties into orbit for yet another week of scarf posting.
    And since I am babbling about fashion/scarves…I have to say this : OMG Jackie!!!!!!!!!!!She was something huh?We have not had a first lady with such class since Jackie(at least fashion wise)..she was always so stunning…that black scarf she is wearing is to die for!!!She is the only reason I care about fashion at all really..Sometimes designers take a dip back in time and they put together an outfit that makes me think “oh that is so Jackie”…the impact she had on fashion still reins supreme..Some people are slaves to fashion but Jackie really made fashion her slave…She was amazing.What a lady!

  23. What the lefties here are missing is that La Pelosi is visiting Syria which is an enemy.

    Oh, please, three Republican congressmen were in Syria last week (see #29).

  24. Clearly, Frank Wolf (R-Virginia), Joseph Pitts (R-Virginia) and Robert Aderholt (R-Virginia) are all terrorist-loving traitors.

    Why do Republicans hate America?

  25. Clearly, Frank Wolf (R-Virginia), Joseph Pitts (R-Virginia) and Robert Aderholt (R-Virginia) are all terrorist-loving traitors.

    <wingnut>Yes, but they didn’t wear “hajib” like Nancy did.</wingnut>

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  27. gussie see comments 29, 32, 34/35. gussie seems to be the fool and phony liberal. Most liberals believe in live and let live.

  28. Group: I’m starting to get comments from LGF readers. All of these comments say the same thing:

    The original LGF post wasn’t about a scarf, but about Nancy Pelosi visiting Syria, which is unacceptable, because, you know, it’s Syria.

    To prevent me from sitting here answering the same stupid comment 27 times today, I’m going to do it one more time and then close comments (sorry).

    First, the original LGF post I linked to was, indeed, ALL ABOUT THE SCARF. That LGF has decided to claim it isn’t when it most obviously is just tells me that somebody is fundamentally dishonest.

    Second, three Republican congressmen were in Syria last week. There’s nothing inherently scandalous about a U.S. congressperson going to Syria.

    I wouldn’t mind if someone wanted to post a substantive criticism of whatever Pelosi did in Syria, provided it was based on facts. But since we’re talking about LGF readers that won’t happen.

    End of discussion, folks. Comments on this post are now closed.

    NOTE: This is cross-posted at Alternet PEEK, so if you are really burning to comment you can go there.

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