The Media-GOP Complex

Via Jane Hamsher, Jim Lobe writes about efforts at diplomacy in the Middle East,

Sensing an increasingly dangerous impasse, the Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives — in this case, Nancy Pelosi, backed by a growing bipartisan consensus that the administration’s intransigeance will further reduce already-waning U.S. influence in the region — tries to encourage regional peace efforts by engaging the target directly.

But, worried that her quest might actually gain momentum, administration hawks — in this case, led by Deputy National Security Adviser Elliott Abrams and Vice President Dick Cheney — accuse the speaker of undermining the president and, working through obliging editorial writers at the Washington Post, among other sympathetic media, including, of course, the Wall Street Journal, attack her for “substitut(ing) her own foreign policy for that of a sitting Republican president.”

Elliot Abrams was part of a similar campaign during the Reagan Administration to torpedo work by then-House Speaker Jim Wright in Central America. Jane and Mr. Lobe both provide details.

Randian at Daily Kos says that the Republican Jewish Coalition, a GOP front group, is swiftboating Nancy Pelosi. Randian has more information on the RJC — be sure to check out who’s on the board of directors. David Flaum, the RJC National Chairman, is also a member of the Scooter Libby Defense Fund. There’s also a connection to Sam Fox, a big donor to Swift Boat Veterans For Truth who recently was rewarded with a recess-appointment ambassadorship.

RJC is running a shamelessly deceptive ad against Pelosi; read about it and watch it at Think Progress.

5 thoughts on “The Media-GOP Complex

  1. They can take their best shot at slamming Pelosi for whatever good they think it will do,but it won’t change our eventual defeat in Iraq.

  2. Interesting. They’re obviously scared of Pelosi, and this is going to test her skills as a leader of the opposition. I suspect this ad has little or no effect on those who aren’t the True Believers. It’ll be interesting to see how she deals with it.

  3. That ad is so over-the-top it will just end up alienating the fencer-sitters. (Although perhaps that’s just “hope triumphs over experience” talking.)

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