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  1. should some national catalog or database be developed to counter this “benefit of 20/20 hindsight” stuff ? I seem to remember many many people speaking out about the likely and less-than-nifty consequences of this action, all were ignored or lambasted as unpatriotic, almost all turned out to be pretty on the mark.

    That’s not 20/20 hindsight at work: its a grasp of the basic facts of the matter conjoined with reasoning skills.

    In world history, has there ever been an occupation of a foreign country by a major military power that yielded desirable dividends after this much time?

  2. I think nabalzbbfr is really our clueless leader. After all, when even georgie’s Texas business buddies are fed up with his ‘no one understands me’ whining, I could understand if he was desperate enough to resort to leaving glowing comments under an alias.

  3. That was satire, wasn’t it? I mean, even trolls don’t usually hit all the kool-aid notes in such perfect order.

    As one of the ones who was loudly against the war, and is gifted with the miraculous ability to remember events even as long as five years ago (or longer!), I can tell you that I had perfect confidence in the ability of the Pentagon to overthrow Saddam. What was also clear was that toppling Saddam would be Step 1, and cleaning up after would be the bigger, and more complicated part.

    Bush’s crowing at that point was like celebrating Mission Accomplished just for closing the front door of your house when leaving on a transcontinental plane trip.

    He announced the end to major combat activities. It’s clear he thought the rest would be trivial ‘mopping up’ actions, when he should have known that the hard work was just starting.

  4. A short book could be written about all the ways Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” moment was so incredibly wrong and obscene.

    Apart from the fact that “major combat operations” are still going on, and that thousands have died and continue to die, and that our country continues to bleed the death of a thousand cuts so desired by Osama, the absolute defilement of a proud warship and her crew, named after one of our greatest Presidents will stand as one of the most jaw dropping indictments of this administration’s willingness to do anything to cloak its vile behavior in borrowed glory.

    This stunt is right up there with “heckuva job, Brownie” while New Orleans drowned.

  5. barb, have you come up with something to blog about? If not, may I respectfully suggest this: Steny Hoyer is out today badmouthing Murtha’s short-leash funding proposal and talking it up with McConnell et al. about setting benchmarks against the Iraqi government, as a compromise funding bill.

    Now I’m morally certain Hoyer is doing this under orders from Pelosi. Both Chris at MyDD and Firedoglake are frothing at the mouth at the toothlessness of this.

    My question is, are we seeing the beginnings of democratic capitulation, or the first (and merely first) bargaining position? The Pew polls out today say that a plurality of the country is behind getting the troops the hell out of there. The leadership is meeting with the White House today.

    I would be grateful for your insight. Hugs and smooches.

  6. I am frankly so annoyed with a nation that seems to be stuck on stupid I am at my wits end.Not just whats-his-name the Koolaide drinker but the whole damn country…I have had it.In just 7 years time this country bleeping sucks(and put your God Damned money where you mouth is before you tell me I should leave it then, because if I had the means I would leave the shithole this country is becoming and never look back)..
    There is NOTHING in this country for Americans anymore, unless you enjoy having smoke blown up your ass.When everything this country once stood for can be destroyed within a few years, you gotta start to see all this country claimed to stand for, it was all just a bunch of bullshit.It was NEVER real.It was just a bunch of lip service to ideals that sounded good to the listener.And to think, stupid me, I actually bought into to believing that bullshit…never again.
    This bunch of crooks and murderers that we are being held hostage by actually did me a favor, because they woke me up in a major way to what this country is really about.They have let the stain that was always there rise to the top of the cloth for anyone to see…Dude wheres my country??? Here it is in all its shameful glory…we had just failed to see it for what it really is because what it is in reality aint very pretty at all.At least change the name of the country something more realistic…SNAFU comes to my mind….
    Bush (lets hope) will leave office soon(not soon enough), but then what? We have a nation stuck on stupid so how will things improve? It seems we have a country dumb enough to go down whatever road stupid takes us, like sheep being led to slaughter.Now that bush has so abused his power do you really think we are going to put that toothpaste back into the tube and that future presidents will go back to being honest???If you believe that I have a bridge I wanna sell you. As long as this country is stuck on stupid it is screwed.People are too busy with their own self serving crap to be bothered with saving the country..its just too much stupid for one person to grasp..
    Stupid is killing this country…how can I be nice about that?

  7. Yes, I can say “boomerang”. I can also say “blowback”. Ya might want to look that one up, ’cause that’s where we’re headed, thanks to commander codpiece. The man’s a goddamned idiot, a terrible thing to say about the POTUS, sad but true.
    He has a “reverse Midas Touch”, everything he has touched has turned into one big cowpie. From the events of 9/11, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Colombia, Lebanon, to over 1,500 dead (and the loss of a FUCKING city) in New Orleans! THINK ABOUT THAT!!!
    The President and his administration are evil morons and must go, anyone still supporting him or his policies is as dumb as a box of rocks.
    I hope that was polite enough…………

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