Bush’s Folly Updates

Greg Sargent says the House will vote on the newest version of the Iraq Accountability Act later today. I’ll monitor C-SPAN and post updates.

Tony Blair will resign as British Prime Minister in June. This is no surprise if you follow British news media. Blair had made noises last fall that he would resign within a year. Plus, it’s seemed to me that the entire United Kingdom, its people and governments, have been pretty much ignoring the Poodle for some time.

Alberto Gonzales is testifying before the House today. He’s expected to not remember anything.

Update: See David Sirota on “Blank Check Democrats.

1 thought on “Bush’s Folly Updates

  1. Gonzales seems pretty confident that he’s weathered the storm. He’s got a Gingerbread Man attitude because he knows Bush won’t give him the boot. I hope Congress can keep the pressure on Gonzales to at least find out who drew up the list of attorneys who were to be fired. It seems like a reasonable request to me to know the answer to that question.

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