8 thoughts on “Words Fail

  1. It happened in Anbar and it resulted in 200 Sunni tribes singing pacts to chase al Qaeda from Iraq.

    Wow..That’s more impressive than Joshua marching around Jericho sounding a rams horn to make the walls collapse.

    What can be said other than the guy is an elite member of the 101st Fighting Keyboarders who reflects credit upon not only himself, but his unit.

  2. I had no idea the 101st Fighting Keyboarders (the “Fighting KeeBees”) was a real thing (guess I need to get out more). The whole thing has the tone of mom going out for more Cheetos before the next Star Trek rerun appears.

  3. I’m still trying to figure out how it is he’s celebrating his “1st Year” anniversary if his blog was, indeed, established May 18, 2005. Is he planning on celebrating it for a full year, until his 2nd anniversary in a few days?

    (Doesn’t the word “anniversary’ imply “year”? Why “1st Year Anniversary” and not just “1st Anniversary”?)

  4. “when the record shows that the violence peaks at the time al Qaeda is ready to lose control of a region.”

    He must get his talking points straight from Rove. The suggestion is that the worse the violence gets the closer we are to success. Of course, if violence declins that also proves we are winning. Nothing ever indicates we are loosing.

  5. That boy is deep into magical thinking.
    Sadly , many are into the same mind set.Reality bites ’em in the ass……

  6. These guys keep cheering “victory” any time the violence appears to decline in a region, so as to convince themselves that it’s all worthwhile. Meanwhile the insurgents calmly, rationally move to a different region and keep on killing.

    What would it take to convince the warbloggers of the folly of Bush/Cheney’s little Iraqi adventure? Is there anything?

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