America Is Pissed

A new Gallup Poll says “Congress Approval Down to 29%; Bush Approval Steady at 33%.” A whole bunch o’ righties are hootin’ about this today. A typical comment:

I guess the lockstep Pelosi-Reid foot soldiers who routinely bloviate in the comments here can rest assured that not even one out of three people in this country approve of the Democrat congress.

I guess the lockstep Pelosi-Reid foot soldiers who routinely bloviate in the comments here can rest assured that not even one out of three people in this country approve of the Democrat congress.

I can only hope the Democrats keep doing what they’re doing – ensuring a lost war, raising taxes by the largest amount in world history, trying to shut down talk radio because they can’t effectively compete, holding our Troops hostage while their approval whittles down to nothing, etc.

Don’t blame us. Blame those rightwing neeeeeocons at Gallup.

Even Bush has a higher aggregate approval rating.

Too sweet.

Sure. What do you want to bet a lot of people are pissed at Congress because they haven’t impeached Bush yet?

5 thoughts on “America Is Pissed

  1. I don’t have any historical numbers on this, but I’d be really surprised if Congressional approval numbers are ever very high, simply because of the divided nature of the government. You have to figure that close to half the population will be dissatisfied with Congress because their party isn’t in control (or even represented) and at least a portion of the other half will be disappointed because their party hasn’t done enough to satisfy them. Frankly, I’m surprised their numbers were in the low 40s a week or two ago.

  2. Anybody who concludes “too sweet” when their Chimpanzee-in-Chief is at 33% is a complete idiot.

    Incertus is right that, historically, Congress never has high polling numbers. There isn’t one single personality to rate. Likewise, after less than 4 months there isn’t a clear policy to rate.

    And, as maha points out, if anyone polled me, the reason I’d give Congress a low rating is because they haven’t impeached Bush.

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if Congress’s approval rating continues to worsen with each new revelation of govt corruption, even if in the executive branch. The Republican project can gain ground even in its most abysmal failures.

  4. I’m not sure what those idiots think. Do they imgagine people are rallying to the Repubicans because the Democrats are trying to do TOO MUCH?

    That seems to be their moronic implication. People were hopeful when the Democrats took over Congress that they would end the war. They haven’t. So, now people are disillusioned and blame Congress for not acting.

    That’s unfair since Democrats don’t have the power to act over Bush’s veto, but really, people hoped and expected that Congress would move to end the war and for whatever reason they haven’t.

    The polling reflects popular disappointment with government. AS for Bush’s #s, he has a hard-core of brain-dead partisans who will never abandon him, at about 1/3.

    But Bush is bleeding support right now even among the Limbaugh loving Dildo-heads. My father is one of these, yet I told him the other day that if Bush had been behind planning and executing 9-11 (the way some conspiracy theorists think) those towers would still be standing! He laughed and said “that’s right. They would have been lucky to have a puff of smoke around the 99th floor.”

    This administration is just becoming universally despised as totally ineffectual. NOBODY is really supporting Bush right now. Some right-wing conservatives, like my father would always say they support the administration if asked on any poll — because they are HOSTILE to the polling! They don’t want Democrats they see as the ENEMY “winning” so they say they support Bush. In short the public sees polling as a kind of political WARFARE and are conscious of the implications of the questions at the time they are answering them.

    But, if you talk to them about Bush, very few seem to genuinely favor him. I’d say his real supporters are a LOT fewer than 1/3 now.

    All those blow-hards will vote Republican in 2008 — especially if Hillary is running, but they’re NOT happy campers right now.

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