6 thoughts on “The Fraud That Is Rudy Giuliani

  1. Yes, that’s a good link, Moonbat.

    The redevelopment of Times Square started long before RG became mayor. Credit cannot be given to him, he didn’t snap his fingers and change laws, building codes, land/building ownership. In 1980 I took a tour of the Times Square hosted by the American Institute of Architects, the tour guide was a city planning expert. The planning process took many years. The guide pointed out various parcels of land/buildings that were being consolidated so that larger buildings could be developed according to new standards.

  2. Rudy benefited enormously by being mayor of New York in the 1990s, a time when the national and local economies were growing nicely and crime was dropping all over the nation.

  3. As any aware New Yorker knows Rudy Kazootie is a nutcase control freak who lacks the stability necessary to occupy the Oval Office.
    Therefore the most appropriate slogan for the current campaign should be: Rudy Kazootie for Dogcatcher.

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