Keith Smacks Down Dems

If you didn’t catch Keith Olbermann’s special comments tonight, don’t worry. I’m sure someone is uploading a video to YouTube even as I keyboard, and soon it will be all over the web.

[Update: Here ’tis, at Crooks and Liars.]

He said the Democratic presidential nomination is likely to be decided tomorrow. Not tomorrow as in the future, but tomorrow, May 24. The time has come for them to show us what they’re made of. Have they learned the lesson of October 2002, when Congress passed the war resolution? Or will they make the same damnfool mistake again?

Sen. Chris Dodd certainly helped himself today by making it clear he didn’t like the new appropriation bill.

I understand John Edwards has also spoken out against it. But according to Keith Olbermann, Joe Biden is going to vote for it, and the rest of the candidates haven’t been heard from (although I doubt Dennis Kucinich approves).

In particular I’m thinking about Barack Obama. If Sen. Obama wants to seal the deal and take front runner status away from Hillary Clinton, I think he could do so easily right now by taking a firm stand against the appropriation deal. If he doesn’t, I think he’ll come to regret it.

Update: Bob Geiger says Kerry, Feingold, and Independent Bernie Sanders are voting no.

7 thoughts on “Keith Smacks Down Dems

  1. Keith ripped ’em a new one.
    Now, let’s all sing….
    Hillary-Billary incorporated!
    Give us any fools, we’ll take ’em
    Give us any balls, we’ll break ’em
    We’re gonna make our scheme come true!
    Doin’ it our way…………………………………

    Who can finish the song ?(Laverne and Shirley theme)

    Yeah, Obama better get busy!

  2. When I get as pissed as Keith is, I become incoherent. He nailed it!

    However I would add a small and cynical point. The Democrats that support this capitulation to the tyrant in the Oval Office are probably calculating in Rovian style. There is an exlection to be won in ’08 and Bush is helping the Democrats gain strength.

    This is a Republican war; they can’t pin it on Clinton. Bush wants it and won’t back off. The only way to end it (before ’08) is with bipartisan support in Congress, which means some Republicans could claim some credit in the upcoming election for ending the war. And that muddies the water as far as who is good and who is evil. The Dems don’t want ANY Republicans wearing white hats before the election.

    So let’s give Bush PLENTY of rope and see how much of the Republican party he can take with him when he hangs himself. What a plan! There is a small downside.

    GIs are dying eveery day. Billions are being wasted every week. And an entire region is being destabilized. and it’s a region the industrial world depends on for energy. The civil war is threatening to draw in the Saudis & Syria in defense of Sunis.

    For the sake of politics, I fear Democrats have joined forces with the president to enlarge the war, while claiming to oppose it. After all, there is an election to be won.

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  4. “The time has come for them to show us what they’re made of.”

    They’ve been showing you that all along…

    It’s right there on your TeeVee screen….

    An Image that makes (sometimes) entertsaining noise – depending on that days’ script…

    Face it Folks, we’re fucked…

    Nader was the only chance we had, and we blew it…

  5. Even the ‘good guys’ get it wrong once in awhile. I will not believe that giving Bush everything he wants effectively pins the whole Iraq mess on the Repubs.

    Keep sending Bush bills. Let him veto them. Peel off a few more Repubs.

    I just happen to be reading White’s “Breach of Faith: The Fall of Richard Nixon.” Back then Congress stood up to a popular president.

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