Bush’s Id

For a dose of satire, Bush’s First Video Blog is George W. Bush unplugged, by a decent Dubya impersonator, James Adomian. He’s got the sneering contempt down pat:

“I can get away with whatever I want…. All you criticizers: F*ck you – F*ck you hard.”

Channeling his own id in reaction to Bush, is another wonderful, underappreciated, leftie blogger, Chris Floyd at Empire Burlesque. A recent posting:

Death everywhere, death every day, nothing but death and the stench of death and the never-ending agony of the aftermath of death. This is the true and only meaningful context of all the punditry and political posturing around the “issue” of Iraq. While the White House maneuvers to “buy time” for the president and provide “political cover” for continuing the war – and the Democrats make plans to float some “proposals” on “beginning to redeploy some forces” – the cry of an Iraqi grandfather whose entire family was murdered in the bombing at Amerli rips like a knife to the heart of the matter:

“We were wiped out mercilessly, and we blame the Americans, the Iraqi government, the criminals and all the politicians who brought us catastrophe and destruction. They have destroyed everything with their sectarianism and politics.”

These were the words of Zainulabideen Rustam Abdullah, who “lost his wife, three daughters, his grandson and his daughter-in-law” in last Saturday’s attack, the Washington Post reports. I have never read anywhere a more succinct and accurate portrayal of the hell-hole that George W. Bush has created in Iraq with his unprovoked invasion and destruction of that country…

These i-gleanings were brought to you, for your consideration, by moonbat, who will be guest blogging for a few days, by the very gracious i-invitation of your blog hostess, maha.

6 thoughts on “Bush’s Id

  1. “Death everywhere, death every day”….that’s all bush has left at this point in time. He killed more people in Texas than any other govenor. Now he has the resources to kill anyone he wants in the world….”nothing but death and the stench of death and the never ending agony of the aftermath of death,”

  2. Yay! Good start.

    I’ll be around until tomorrow morning, then gone for a few days, but excellent blogging will continue while I’m away.

  3. uh, both of those chris floyd links took me to somebody or other’s web server admin portal………..my guess is chris does NOT want those knickers hanging out for just any old SOB to yank on………….

  4. Comment 3, Chris has been having problems with his site lately, and so your results will vary. I apologize that the linkies are working sporadically, and I am a little red-faced that I chose to introduce him at this time. Rest assured that he does have a real site, and that it is worth looking at. Next time I link to him, I’ll post a caveat about his site’s possible flaking out. Thanks for letting me know of this problem.

  5. He’s got the sneering contempt down pat:

    Exactly!..I know as sure as I know that I am that that contemptous attitude is correctly attributed. Bush is absorbed in self, and the rest of us can go to hell.

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