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  1. This is what we all need to do. Point it out time and time again how we are being lied to. Bring out the facts of the other industrialized nations that big biz does not want us to know. In exchange for slightly higher taxes we can no longer worry about health care for ourselves or our children. No one need worry about changing jobs or career for fear of losing health care. No artist, musician or anyone else self-employed will be denied health care. We can remove that stress from our lives. Less stress make us healthier and less apt to need our health care.

    Plus no health insurance employee needs to make life and death decisions regarding other people because of profit. Less stress for them if they have a conscience.

  2. Plus, our life expectancy and infant mortality is lagging behind other countries at this point. What? We are the richest, most powerful nation on earth (you sure?) and we cannot take care of our own?

  3. I watched the segment live it was wonderful. Finally Wolf gets his comeuppance, for being a WAR appeaser. I couldn’t believe the CNN producers actually let Moore go on for so long. A friend of mine sent me some awesome bumper stickers today, not sure how to order them but here’s what they look like:


    I have proudly attached to my work truck; it should be interesting when I show up for a job at a BP refinery tomorrow!

  4. Beautiful! Michael is an honest to gosh hero in an age where they are far and few between, except you Maha and the rest telling the truth every day on the web. What did that Federal prosecutor say, he knew he was setting himself up for retribution? You and Moore own Blitzer and his pathetic kowtowing little bought and paid for “show”. You want news in this county, you read the web, or watch comedy central. Everyone should know that. Some don’t want to though.

  5. I sent Mr. Moore a congratulations /thank you note. I haven’t laughed so hard in years. It was wonderful.

  6. I wish that MM had pointed out that wait times for Americans with insurance are less than in other coutries, but that’s patients WITH INSURANCE. The uninsured are not waiting – they are dying. The suggestion that the honorable ex-mayor must be opposed to Medicare/Medicaid was a beautiful response.

    Wolf is not used to being accused – and he took it without any show of temper or rushing MM off the show. Let’s give a little credit. He also pointed out that MM was bipartisan in his criticism rather than say the movie was a commercial for the Democrats running for the WH. I intend to write CNN and commend Wolf on his poise under fire; that some of MM’s criticism seemed well founded, and a regular exchange between them would be damn interesting.

    Why? MM, armed with facts, is a dangerous force IF he has a forum. I’d love to see him on a regular basis, infiltrating the mainstream media.

  7. I enjoyed this, but wish Moore would acquire more of Wolf’s unflappability – clearly Moore has the facts on his side, he just needed to present them in a calmer yet forceful fashion. He should learn the power of silence – of making a charge against CNN and shutting up while Wolf fidgets.

  8. moonbat,

    I respectfully disagree. An unflappable, boring guest (even with the facts on his side), would be quietly dismissed by any and all viewers and draw no attention by pundits. Would we be talking about him now otherwise? If only we had a serious politician that could draw so much attention to an issue or two, or three….

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