2 thoughts on “Still the Champ

  1. Yes, that was really good. If only it had been written before the 2004 election. It’s too little, too late. At 61, I am too tired to fight this battle that I have been fighting since 2000. If the young people see no reason to fight for the U.S Constitution, then they will get the country they deserve. I fought my battles and am proud of what resulted in winning many of those battles. But, I have no more energy to do battle while most everyone with the power to make the necessary changes dithers away.

  2. A good column by Breslin.. In a similar vein..last week my town had it’s first fallen hero brought home to rest. A young man who survived a year and a half after graduation from high school. They say he had a great potential and was able to light up a room with his presence. To bad, huh? But the bright side..Freedoms on the march!

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