4 thoughts on “Happy Days

  1. “Note also that 1 out of every six full-time workers also lacked health coverage in 2006.”

    That statistic is positively stupefying!

  2. People in a hurricane are also overjoyed when the eye passes over. They all run outside and shout “yipee”, bask in the sun, and rejoice in the false impression that it is all over.

    A long downward slide ending with a slight uptick is no cause for celebration.

    This is the same mentality that cheers the surge on and continually sees “positive signs of hope” even as minor progress on only 3 of 18 benchmarks is shown. That’s batting .166 which is cause to bench someone.

    At least the reports I’d heard on this glorious news provided some reality-based context.

  3. I choose “not an ass”.

    Of course I did. I read these articles and more. Perhaps I should been more specific. There is a lot of conservative cheerleading going on about the slightest hint of success on any front…economy and war In Iraq.

    It all flies in the face of truth and I cannot imagine who is buying it. The article supplies some context and the post is even better.

    I was glad that these and other posts did supply context and a frame that diminishes the deluded, dishonest boosterism at any “lull in the storm”…

    Easy there…I’m no boogeyman. I come here because it resonates. You’ll get no schadenfreude from me.

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