10 thoughts on “War Supporter Says Supporting the Troops Is Too Much Paperwork

  1. Oh my God!!!!!!!!!!!! If there ever was an argument for the return of the draft – no deferments allowed – Mr. Kagan’s existence is one.

  2. Bring ’em on.. I laugh at roadside bombs and 120 degree temperatures. I’m an Amurkin.. and I ain’t ascared ah nobody.

    It’s because of real warriors like the Kourageous Kagan Klan that America can be the home of the brave. Second to none?

    “Farming is easy when your plow is a pencil, and the farm is a thousand miles away”.. Dwight D Eisenhower

  3. Well after 2 more stents in my heart last week, that article did not help matters. Why dont we just quit jerking around and tell our military people in Iraq and Afghanistan they are there for the duration until they are wounded so badly they cannot be returned to duty, or killed. Damn I sure would like to conduct a counseling session in the latrine with these manly men.

    carlisle iowa


  4. Ok, I read Glenn’s account of the Kagans. Here is something I found that refers to another matter, but the text really reminds me the Kagans and their crowd:

    “But then you have thousands of people that cheer, rah, rah, and they really love that. You see guys get their heads busted, you know, and they get their arms messed up, their legs twisted almost off……….
    “They shouldn’t be really upset, OK?” he said. “Because it’s only just an animal. It’s just a dog that is raised up. He’s put out there, you know, and he’s chained up, OK. And the time he gets a certain age, this dog is going to want to fight. It is bred in him, OK? He knows what he is and he’s going to fight. Just take him off the leash, let him go.”

    Yeah, that was an early account of Vick from the perspective of another dog fighter. Except with the Kagans, its just a matter of treating soldiers like dogs.

  5. May they contract a nasty yeast infection.
    Better yet, those soft little desk commandos should meet up with some pissed off grunts, it would be like that scene from Jurassic Park where the creep gets to meet a dino up close and personal.

  6. The situation of Mr. Webb, as a vet and the father of a serving soldier, brings to mind an ideal answer. Make the draft compulsory for the sons and daughters of any Congressman or Senator. As soon as we deploy troops to a combat situation, declared war or police action, the offspring of ALL Senators and Congressmen get that famous letter that starts ‘Greetiings”.

    Obvioulsy it will never happen, but one wonders if the effort one puts into a decision on Capitol Hill, will be different if it means your 18-YO daughter will face roadside bombs. One wonders if the options of promoting reconciliation, using diplomacy, working with other nations.. would be more tempting.

    I am not letting Dems off the hook. John Edwards proposal is spot-on. Tie the funding to a firm timetable. Period. But the Dems are playing politics too, keeping the war on the table and letting the Republicans associate themselves with a war that will be even more unpopular next year. But how many GIs will die in the interest of a Dem supermajority? That’s why the Dems are hanging back on using the power they have. May they rot in hell for their politics with the Republicans.,

  7. Kagan acts as if the military is not already in the business of keeping track of many details about individual soldiers, including, not surprisingly, where they are stationed, how long they have served, and when various individuals and units need to be rotated. It seems like pretty basic stuff if you want to run a large organization, and logistics and manpower have been the key to military success for centuries.

    Only a person who didn’t want this idea implemented would try to argue that it would be too hard for our military to figure out how to do it.

    I’m sure even at the American Enterprise Institute there is someone keeping records of when Kagan started work there, and when he is due to accrue certain time-based benefits. Not that he probably has any more respect for those people then he has for our troops. But I don’t imagine he considers his 401(k) a “nightmare in execution” and “patently absurd”.

    His suggestion is not only insulting, it’s also really silly. Which, I guess, makes it perfect for the National Review.

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  9. “either enlist or shut up”
    There’s another option: Buy a f’in plane ticket to Jordan and start your own damned “Christian Army of God”.Just get the hell out of here so we can rebuild what Bush and his rabid bunch of neo-numb skulls have wrecked.

  10. Rick Moran at comment #8 is just a Jonah Goldberg wannabe. He’s your basic keyboard warrior with a calloused ass and overworked lips who has beed reduced to hurling provacative accusations. Nothing to sustain him in his character..all he has is a foundation built on a quickly eroding fantasy. In the immutable laws of metaphysics, lies and deceptions can never bear truth… therefore there will be no victory in Iraq..or “success” for that matter. sorry, dude..try again!

    Oh, and I think Maha knows that the pen is mighter than the sword.

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