3 thoughts on “More on the Clinton Health Care Plan

  1. I have had an emotionally tough day. First, my cat spilled a cup of coffee over my mouse, leading to an hour and a half of putting my computer back together again (I’m a total innocent when it comes to hardware, so I’m pretty proud of myself). But really, that was the easy part of my day.

    In between working on stuff to pay the bills, I spent my time hopping between the reality-based world (Maha, for instance) and discussions on one of my medical forums where the following ideas were expressed:
    – poor people often own several cars, have air-conditioned homes and spend their money on car insurance instead of getting health insurance to take care of their kids;
    -death row prisoners should be used as guinea pigs to try out new medical procedures–they can pay their debt to society by letting doctors botch their first few operations and really get the hang of new techniques before they operate on deserving, law-abiding people;
    -people in prison shouldn’t get a free ride with health care;
    -I should go live in Sweden because I said taxes are important and necessary;
    -affordable health insurance that provides excellent coverage is available to all in the US;
    -all poor children get free health care through CHIP;
    -there aren’t really many poor people–most just work the system to mooch off hard-working folks;
    -etc. etc.

    There were a few weak voices talking about their terrible encounters with the health insurance system and a few who timidly asked if we Canadians could really choose our own doctors.

    This is a pretty good cross-section of America speaking. Be afraid, be terribly afraid.

  2. The Clinton Health Care plan? Why even bring it up. Won’t us “liberals” ever understand. The only thing worse than the bunch of republicans, are the bunch of democrats. What a real waste of time.

    Hillary: Old politics, classic camel toe!~
    Edwards: can’t defend himself, a real tool.
    Biden: off the radar
    Obama: Last time I checked, he can’t win.

    Gulliani: Fear works wonders, we did vote for G.W.
    Thomson, freddie: He seems as dumb as Ronnie Reagan?
    Mcain: Can a person win again. Not if he did not win at first!

  3. “The only thing worse than the bunch of republicans are the bunch of democrats”? Seriously?? On what planet?


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