You Are Smart!

I was on Bob Kincaid’s Head-On Radio Show early this evening, and he said that he was so impressed with the quality of Mahablog comments. Yes, folks, I have the smartest and most literate commenters on the blogosphere, I do believe. You guys are awesome and I thank you for all your input. Unless you’re a troll.

Unrelated, but goodRead Ezra.

7 thoughts on “You Are Smart!

  1. I think its a reflection of the quality in your posts, Maha. Similar to the biblical you sow, so shall yea reap. I’ve noticed that blogs generaly return comments that are intellectually and emotionally commensurate with their respective writers.

    I know for myself that I’m drawn to the Mahablog because I can appreciate your intelligence, your writing ability, and most importantly your honesty. Qualities I’m sure are shared by other observers and commenters.

    Yesterday I followed the link you provided to Michele Malkin’s blog and read her rantings..the 4 paragraphs that followed her 2:50 update serve as a perfect illustration to my theory. Michele threw out every kind of trash in her inventory to poison the crowd against the Frost family and she reaped every kind of trash and poisoned comment in return from her commenters. She sowed stupidity, she reaped stupidity. You sow reap intelligent commenters.

  2. “You do not know and will never know who the remnant are, or where they are, or how many of them there are, or what they are doing or will do.
    Two things you know, and no more:
    First, they exist; and second, that they will find you”

    —Albert Jay Nock

    ” Within the remnant are to be found the entrepreneurs, artists, and others who insist upon staying outside the marauding herd that moves only in response to external stimuli; the independent and principled souls who, in any setting distinguish fact from fashion; the kind of self-directed,internally-centered, and loving persons Viktor Frankl noted as having a comparative advantage for survival in concentration camps. The Hank Reardens and Howard Roarks of Rand’s novels, along with Sophie Scholl and her fellow members of “The White Rose” in Nazi Germany, also come to mind. So do the 1956 Hungarian “freedom fighters”, along with the young man, Wang Wei Lin, who brevely confronted that row of tanks in Tiananmen Square in 1989″

    ————Butler Shaffer

  3. Wow, I second, third and fourth what Swami wrote. And thanks, erinyes for those wonderful quotes… appropriate.

  4. Big echo on what Swami said and erinyes the erudite quotes are quite the treat today. Mil gracias.

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