Randi Rhodes

I haven’t written anything before about Randi Rhodes’s unfortunate encounter with a New York City sidewalk, because I was waiting to find out what happened to her. The causes of the fall are still not clear. It is unfortunate that Jon Elliott and others assumed — based on very circumstantial evidence — that her injuries were due to a hate crime. It’s always galling to cede the moral high ground to righties, even for a little while, and the accusations fed the wingnuts’ victimization complex, which is bloated enough already.

However, the natural order of the universe is now restored. Righties are spreading the rumor — based on very circumstantial evidence — that Ms. Rhodes fell down because she was drunk. Those people couldn’t hang on to the moral high ground if you gave them a deed to it.

Update: Since righties tried to post more rumors about Ms. Rhodes’s phenomenal capacity for booze in the comments, I’m shutting them down.

Update 2: See also Ellen at News Hounds.

Update 3: See also Tbogg.