Cleavage, Cackle, Cat

First, it was the cleavage, and then the cackle. Now it’s the cat. Somewhere there’s a task force being paid to think up stupid Hillary Clinton buzz. But will the next little bit of buzziness start with “C,” too?

20 thoughts on “Cleavage, Cackle, Cat

  1. And she just keeps increasing her lead in the polls. Do you think it’s ever going to dawn on them that Hillary can take it?

  2. Oooh baby……..
    Hillary is so hot I’m gonna ask my wife to talk like a senator to me tonight.Gonna pass some bills this eve, maybe a little fill–a-buster, if you know what I mean………
    Who comes up with this drivel?

  3. Is giving Socks to her secretary the same thing as dropping him off in an alley? I was sad he wasn’t loved enough to be taken with them when the Clintons moved, but this is pretty silly.

  4. Re the cat, considering that the Clintons are constantly traveling when they’re not dividing their time between residences in New York and Washington, DC, giving him away was a probably a kindness for Socks. Cats like to be in one place where they can have their people with them all the time to spoil them rotten.

  5. And, this is important . . .??????? How . . . ????? Why . . . ????Some reporter thinks this is an important issue to consider when electing the next President of the United States . . . ????????? To quote Brad DeLong: Why, oh why, can’t we have a better press corps?! How many trees were cutdown to print that story?????

    There are Americans losing their lives in Iraq, children going hungry and not getting health care, the public schools are worse than they have ever been, many Americans are out of work . . . and this is the best the overpaid, lazy, corporate-owned, war-profiteering media syndicate can give us. Oh, BTW, it’s old news.

    May Freedom of the Press rest in peace.

  6. Maybe I’m wrong, but I thought the cat was Chelsea’s. If so, it was her responsibility, not her parents. But then I know of other kids who go off to school and leave their cats with parents.
    If she kept the cat, the criticism could go the other way, that she has a cat because it matches her personality like being independent, aloof and sneaky. Sometimes you just can’t win.
    My cat, Cassandra, yawned when I told her this story.

  7. I think it would be really cool if Limbaugh, Malkin, et al called for a a nationwide “Dump Socks” rally to protest this abomination; they could tell their followers to take all of their old socks down to the village square and dump them in a pile, then light the pile of socks as a bonfire and burn Hillary in effigy over it. Then they roast marshmallows while group-singing “The Cat Came Back”; meanwhile Fox News and CNN cover the events, their commentators obliquely suggesting that Bill has been “pussy whipped”. The Washington Post will ask, “Does Hillary Have Nine (Political) Lives?” on its opinion page, and David Brooks will proudly note that he wears argyle socks, since they “never change their stripes.”

    Not that I want to give them any ideas…

  8. It’s not like giving the cat to a stranger — I’ll bet Betty and the cat knew each other pretty well, considering her duties around the White House. For all we know they were already attached to each other.

  9. Maybe Hillary dumps her pets when they’ve served their usefulness, but Guiliani dumps his wives once they’ve served their usefulness. At least with a cat, you can’t publicly humiliate them by dumping them like Rudy did to his ex-wives.

  10. Before Drudge picks this up and people start running for the fainting couches, perhaps it’s time to gently remind people about what Bill Frist did with the cats he “adopted” in Boston…

  11. Oh I think we have over looked the first “c” , remember the cookie scandal?…Where we all learned it was a crime to admit you had boobs and didn’t bake cookies?,as that is the measure by which women should be judged?…Funny, her critics sound as retarded now as they did then…
    Why can’t they focus on important issues, like what kind of underwear she sports, boxers or briefs???

  12. Frist popped into my mind too. People find good homes for pets they can no longer keep all the time. This is a story? Otoh, a guy that pretends to adopt cats as pets so he can kill & dissect them raised some serious questions about his mental state but that didn’t seem to be an issue with republicans when he had presidential hopes.

  13. hahaha its just another distraction of course, its not meant to have any substance just getting you to turn your heads and look at it is all they expect.. Of course they are hoping you don’t notice certain things while you look at the widdle kitty. Like hillary’s campaign fraud, lies,and blatant crookedness. Or the way Bill gets bought and paid for by a different ‘donation’ every week.

  14. Like hillary’s campaign fraud, lies,and blatant crookedness. Or the way Bill gets bought and paid for by a different ‘donation’ every week.

    Interesting theory, but for the most part this junk seems to be coming from the Right, not from the Clinton campaign.

    But this does support the theory that the Right wants Hillary to be the nominee. Hmmmmm …

  15. OMG, that piece-of-crap Socks article was in the London Times? (It has a UK web address, anyway.) Cheebus, at first I thought it was the Washington Times! (Especially when reading the moronic comments.) I guess it’s true, Murdoch ownership will ruin anything.

    Socks was Chelsea’s cat anyway. She grew up and moved away. Her parents adopted out the cat. Big friggin deal.

  16. I also thought it was Chelsea’s cat, and she went away to college, didn’t she?

    Under those circumstances, finding the cat another home is the RESPONSIBLE thing to do. Far, far from dumping.

    But I just think they wanted to make Hillary look “catty.”

    They are so clever, aren’t they? Or think they are.

  17. The Republican candidates might raise more money by serving as the clown in a carnival dunking tank. I’d even contribute but only if there were alcohol rather than water and if the clowns were first scratched raw by Hilary’s cat.

    Someone should line up these bad little boys and ask “Boys? Who’s your mama?”


    She owns those dogs. Look at all the stupid tricks in which she’s compelled them to engage.

  18. Now we can add “Clapping” to the list of inane reasons for the “librul” media to hate Hillary. Chris Matthews whined about it in his interview with Sally Bedell Smith, the author of For Love of Politics: Bill and Hillary Clinton: The White House Years on HardSoftballs tonight.

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