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  1. Can you update this post to include the name of the artist and a website for her, if there is one?


  2. It would be nice to see this talented young lady be welcome on the same shows that provide a forum for the queen of ignorance to spew her venom. But then these shows would invite Ann on for her rebuttal (because they just can’t help themselves). And then Ann would write a new book about it… and yet another round on the the shows. Oh nevermind.

  3. Yes! Then it is the woman who sang “My Box in a Box” (the female response to Timberlake’s Dick in a Box). Her stuff is pretty good even if she was just a voice until this one.

  4. You GO, girl!
    Maybe I’m not the straight male I always thought I was. I don’t find Coulter hot at all.
    I think she’s a tall, skinny shrew with the soul of a wolverine. A rabid one at that! And I mean no disrespect to wolverine’s…
    I find her reprehensible.
    I guess money means more to some people than having a conscience. The question I have is, why do TV and radio station’s put her on? Oh, yeah, ‘ I guess money means more to some people than having a conscience.’
    They think she’s a draw. I just turn the dial when I see she’s on. I know she’ll say something really stupid just to get headlines.

    Ignore her. If she’s on, turn the dial. We have remotes now people, we don’t have to get up off our asses to change channel’s.
    If you see she’s on, flip to another channel.
    And call the one who put her on in protest.

  5. c u n d gulag: I’m glad to hear that you don’t find Coulter attractive. I’m wondering if there is any male in the world that does. She does not appear to have any “feminine” characteristics. The long blond hair and the short skirts that show bird legs are not effective. I’ve been wondering of late if she is actually a male that has been transgendered.
    People have drawn attention to her Adam’s apple. In any case, male or female, she is the devil’s spawn. And I don’t even believe in the devil.

  6. As a straight male, I find AC physically attractive, in a skanky sort of way, but her inner, maggot-infested, I’m-so-superior ugliness far outweighs any external beauty. It’s weird listening to her bigoted, self-righteous talk, coming through a relatively young body – her patter reminds me of the narrow, ugly, hardened attitudes one used to find among certain members of the older generation.

    What’s striking about Ann’s particular blindness is how she trots out her pedigree to shore up what she perceives as her position in society – the fancy private education, the need for everyone to become Christian and Republican, the need for Jews to “perfect” themselves, to come up to her station in life. It all revolves around her notions of her own smug superiority. It’s also interesting how she attracts Jewish men – Bill Maher and Andy Stein for example. It’s as though she is challenging these guys (and everyone) to knock her off her block.

    She lives not far from Rush Limbaugh, and I’ve often wondered why the two of them haven’t gotten together.

  7. Interesting — I always assumed Maher was Catholic, because of his name. You’re right, though. For the benefit of other readers who might not have known this, I quote from

    “Maher’s Irish-American father, a radio newscaster and later an NBC-TV news editor, was Roman Catholic. His mother, a nurse, was Jewish. When Bill Maher was 13 years old, his father abandoned his Catholic faith, and Bill Maher did likewise.”

    That still leaves the question of whether he actually finds Ann Coulter attractive (?) Where’d you get that from?

  8. priscianus jr – Now you’ve got me. I don’t know if Maher finds her attractive, but FWIW, she’s been on his show – possibly they’ve been seen together, at least some time ago. I seem to recall a minor flap about this some months or years ago. I could be reading much more into it than really is there. Thanks for the history on his family – I didn’t know.

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