Happy Trails to Me

I’ll be away from the Internets from early tomorrow morning until Sunday night, attending a meditation retreat. I’m leaving Mahablog in the capable hands of Moonbat and Biggerbox, and maybe a couple of other people if they feel like posting. Just pick up after yourselves while I’m gone, OK?

2 thoughts on “Happy Trails to Me

  1. Is this a zen sesshin you are attending? I’ve been looking around for a Zen center to attend some, and was wondering if you have had a good experiences anywhere, or with a particular Roshi.

  2. There are good teachers and Zen centers all over the country, and the ideal is to find a group near you to practice with on a regular basis. Probably the most important thing to look at is the teacher’s background. I can personally recommend Zen Mountain Monastery in Mount Tremper, NY, if you want an undiluted, traditional sesshin, but there are other places that I’ve heard are also very good.

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