2 thoughts on “Suggestions

  1. Thankfully, the death toll of our kid’s has decreased. As has the death toll of the Iraqi citizen’s.
    That this is the result of the ethnic cleansing in sectarian neighborhood’s is just one factor, is not explained by the military and GWB.
    Once you’ve driven the ‘other’s’ out, what remains are ‘your’ kind!!! And, you don’t have to, or want to, kill them…

    Still, glad to have less US and Iraqi casualties!
    Isn’t it sad to be thankful for that?

  2. Has the cost of 10+ billion dollars a month gone down?..I don’t think so. The costs are working behind the scenes and to our detriment, and time is working against us also. It’s a little premature to count the level of violence as an indicator of success. I think Betray-us and Odierno are trying to create a mission accomplished moment like their Idiot-in-Chief did.

    We also were winning in Vietnam up until the day we lost.

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