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  1. I know it’s a forlorn hope, but could we please have a bill outlawing the republican party? This was done (temporarily) in Russia outlawing the Communist Party, providing a breathing space, though they have back-slid. It is just so frustrating watching Bushco roll the D’s yet again on the Mukasey affair, to name only the roll du jour.

  2. Actually, when George I pardonned the players in the Iran-
    Contra disgrace, he basically shut down the body investigating the disgrace. By shutting down the investigating body, George I pardonned himself in that he was also under investigation. Precedent? Anything that will get the Bush bunch off will be used.

  3. By the far the most annoying point will be that they can never ever, leave the country again. Because if they go to any other civilized nation on Earth they likely WILL be arrested.

    We will be stuck with them on our soil.

  4. I have frequently said that one of my sharpest problems with the Bush Administration is that they’ve made it hard too hard to judge when a conspiracy theory is crazy or completely accurate.

    On the scale of things these people have already done, the one-day Cheney presidency/pardon scheme barely seems far-fetched.

  5. I don’t know that the presidential pardon power extends to immunity from prosecution for war crimes. I’d suggest all members of the administration past and present consider travel plans carefully.

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