It Happened in Vegas

I didn’t watch the Dem debate, but Michael Scherer has a good blow-by-blow account at Salon. The buzz this morning is that Senator Clinton has reversed her recent slide. We’ll see. I don’t know how much these debates impact Iowa caucus-goers or New Hampshire voters.

Elsewhere: Paul Krugman has some words for Senator Obama. Eugene Robinson discusses Hillary Clinton derangement syndrome.

8 thoughts on “It Happened in Vegas

  1. re krugman and social security

    barrack must have gotten the message, because it was hillary who kept calling it a “crisis” in last night’s debate, not obama. he said it was medicare more in need to be addressed.

  2. Back when I was far more easily cowed by conservative hypnosis, I remember getting into a “discussion” with a wingnut coworker, who began repeating the mantra “Al Gore is Nobody” or words to that effect. This was back in the 2000 election.

    Weak as I was back then, I picked up on his refrain, and rephrased it, and repeated it back to him, using different words. I caught him nodding his head slightly, a wisp of a smile on his lips, as though I was good student, and picked up whatever meme he was trying to shove down my throat.

    It’s disgusting listening to our leading candidates, people who should know better, repeat the mantra “social security is in crisis”. I can see the far right’s paymasters nodding in ascent and smiling.

  3. A couple of speculative questions. Who might the VPs be? Joe Biden comes to mind as a prospect for Sen Clinton, but I wonder what would happenin the polls if Obama teamed with Edwards, Not that Edwards is ready to accept a back seat yet..

    The polling is being done on a national basis, but we have seen that the strategy has to be based onthe Electoral College. How is that going to break, particularly if both major candidates are from NY?

  4. Maha, I know this is WAY off-topic, but I’ve figured out over a couple of years of reading your blog that you live somewhere in the tri-state area and this comment goes out to you and to any of your readers who may live in the NYC area.

    I am a New York City stagehand, sometime commenter and daily lurker here at Maha blog. I want to give all tri-state area readers of Maha blog the heads-up that tomorrow on Broadway here in NYC a very exciting thing is happening. As many of you know, we New York City stagehands (IATSE Local One) have been on strike because the producers have decided that we make too much money and demanded amid the recently suspended contract negotiations that they be allowed to completely change our pay with no concessions on their part. We have been struck for a week now (the first time Broadway has been struck by the stagehands’ union in it’s entire 121 year history).

    Tomorrow the parent union of the New York local (IATSE), as negotiations resume for the first time in a very tense and contentious week, is using the true power of collective action. Stagehands from up and down the Eastern Seaboard are pouring into New York City by the busload tomorrow to demonstrate in solidarity (along with the Actor’s, musicians & wardrobe unions) in a show of force in front of every Broadway theater.

    This is liberal politics 101. The left has power against the right when we stand together, so please come down if you can and show your support with cheers, coffee or cookies or, hell, find the line captain at each theater and ask to take a sign and join the fray.

    IATSE is one if the last strong unions left in America. Please come down and show your support for good middle class jobs for working class people. The ugly tide begun when St. Ronnie of the Ray-Gun fired the air traffic controllers and America cheered can break here, in a high-profile demonstration of the power of the masses.

    One of our own died of a heart attack tonight on the picket line, so we feel very passionately about all of this now. This is not just our livelihoods anymore. This is about all of us. Thank you and I hope some of you can come by.

  5. erinyes,
    Thanks for the lgreat ink. That was funny:-) And well written. You can bet I’ll be reading him from now on.

    And have a nice Thanksgiving, all! I’m leaving on Tuesday to be with my family for the holiday and won’t be back until early December. I’ll have my company laptop with me, so I can read everything on this great site, and others, but I won’t be able to write (some of you may be thanful for that:-).

    Happy Holiday!!!

  6. Armadillo Joe,
    I’m sorry for your loss.
    And good luck to you! I’ll be in NYC the week after Thanksgiving, so I”ll be sure to stop by and support you folks. I’m a failed actor and appreciate the fact that without your union people, the show can’t go on. Keep-up the pressure on the producers and theatre owners!
    What would you like when I stop by? Donut’s? Water? Let me know and I’ll bring some stuff to give you folks.

    Power to The People!!!

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