5 thoughts on “Juicy Bits for Politics Nerds

  1. Re: “What were they Smoking?”. I am hearing on NPR that the FBI is investigating over 1000 cases of Real Estate fraud, some of which included getting apprasers to give overblown values, which the banks were making sub-prime loans on, which made the builders even richer. . Til the buble burst.Think anyone will go to jail? We will be lucky if the banking industry allows Congress to pass legislation toregulate how they issue loans.

  2. In regards to NAFTA, it should be noted that many of the jobs that were sent to Mexico for cheap wages have now been sent to China for even CHEAPER wages.

  3. I’m not so sure that China has lower wages than Mexico, but they have definitely done a better job of building the infrastructure necessary for manufacturing. Meanwhile, our infrastructure rots.

  4. idlemind, I found this article from 2001, by William Greider, which compares wages in Mexico and China. According to it, in 2001, Mexico may have paid $1.50 US to China’s 20-25 Cents US per hour. So, yeah, China has been taking jobs from Mexico and many other places. (Or rather the multinational companies go looking for contractors in China to give the manufacturing work to.)


    I agree that our infrastructure is rotting but then if the powers that be want lower taxes, who will invest in infrastructure.

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