Edwards Out

News media report that John Edwards will be dropping out of the presidential race. I regret he didn’t do better. What next for him? A lot of us would like to see him as the veep candidate, but consider also — John Edwards, Attorney General. That would be awesome.

11 thoughts on “Edwards Out

  1. The only better choice for AG would be Patrick Fitzgerald.

    Can you imagine Cheney’s face if Clinton or Obama put Fitzgerald at the head of the department? Nobody would dare vote against him…..

  2. I don’t believe for a second that the Republicans in Congress would ever let that happen. Edwards as AG that is. I do not understand how the Republicans can obstruct and hold up legislation, yet the Dems cannot.

  3. Edwards’s veep? Bad idea in my opinion, he already lost once, I like the guy, but not too many others don’t (that’s why he didn’t win one state). Edwards for attorney general? Maybe us liberals should concentrate on getting Obama as our nominee, cause if we end up with Hillary we ain’t gonna win. Horse before Cart!

    Wow I just spell checked this rant in word and Obama comes up Osama- bummer!

  4. I wish Edwards had done better and hope that he will have a place in the new Democratic President’s circle. I would have voted for him.

  5. The reasons I supported Edwards are probably the same reasons that he could not get on the right side of the mass-media narrative. This comment, shamelessly lifted from another blog,
    is a great short illustration of what I mean:

    The editor of an Iowa paper complained that Edwards was attacking the big corporations and the lobbyists in Washington. She said “isn’t that the only people who get things done in Washington”?

    Yes, honey, that’s the problem.

  6. It’s kind of a return to the smoke-filled back room method of choosing candidates. Despite some powerful, substantive ideas and a decent amount of grassroots support, Edwards never got the media spotlight the way Hillary and Obama did. Glenn Greenwald wrote about this in Media Hostility toward Anti-Establishment Candidates.

    Recall how, when he first hit the campaign with his proposals, all they could do was focus on his hair? This juvenile reporting went on for a couple of weeks, and is well documented by Greenwald.

    I heard Howard Zinn explain how only the most conventional ideas can survive the kind of sound bite environment our media thrives on these days – unconventional ideas take too long and are usually too complex to explain – but I believe something additionally more sinister was at work in denying Edwards the platform he deserved. He was a genuine threat to the powers that be, and so he could not be allowed to go very far.

  7. I don’t think Edwards will be asked to run as VP (bad mojo from 2004, as uncledad points out). If he were asked, I doubt he’d accept (under the “always the best man, never the groom” theory). And I think he’s too hated by Big Bidness to be confirmed as AG. But it would be wonderful if there was a place for him in the next administration.

    No idea who Obama would ask to be his VP.
    If it’s Hillary, I think she’d ask Bill Richardson.

  8. Obama’s star just got brighter and my hope just got narrowed down with Edward’s departure.

    About that Attornery General question.. It’s plain to see that Mukasey isn’t succeeding in restoring crediblity to the Justice Dept. I can understand having difficulty in deciding whether a tomato is a fruit or a vegetable, but figuring out whether waterboarding is torture or not doesn’t appear to be as difficult a task as Mukasey makes it out to be.

  9. I think Edwards would be a better nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services or HUD than for AG. I think Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (yes, that’s his name, he replaced Chafee in RI) would be a good AG.
    Ba-Rack the Vote!

  10. OK. It looks like McCain should pull of the nomination. Rudy is adding his support, and Huckabee is splitting Romneys support. McCain is the best Republican out there. He stood up against torture; he teamed up with Feingold to take a crack at campaign finance reform. I disagree with him on issues, but respect him as a statesman.

    My view of SuperTuesday on the Dem side. With Edwards out, it should strengthen Obama, but he will need all the help he can get. The debate on Thursday will be make-or-break for Obama.

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