I have to go out this evening, but I’ll be back and posting on results by 10:30 or so.


Update: I’m back. I’m still catching up, but it seems Clinton and Obama have six states each at this point. This doesn’t tell us anything about how the delegates are being divvied up.

Obama just picked up Connecticut.

Update: OK, here are the Dem results so far, courtesy of Georgia10:

Hillary Clinton:

New York
New Jersey

Barack Obama:

North Dakota

Again, the delegate count is more important, and Clinton is somewhat ahead in delegates at the moment.

Update: If anyone cares, all week the I Ching has been telling me Obama and Clinton will both win.

Update: Huckabee has won about five states now, MSNBC says. He may end up doing better than Romney.

Update: Obama has Utah.

Update: Clinton has Arizona.

Update: Tornadoes in Arkansas and Tennessee? We didn’t used to worry about tornadoes in February.

Update: MSNBC is estimating the Dem delegate count as:

Obama 594

Clinton 546

This is an estimate, remember, but the point is that it could end up being a pretty even split.

Update: I’m hoping there will be some more results after the hour (midnight EST).

Update: With 14 percent of the vote counted, Clinton is quite a bit ahead of Obama in California.

Update: Obama has Colorado.

Update: Missouri is too close to call with 97 percent of the vote counted. Whoa.

Update: Huckabee mopped up in southern states. The GOP race may be between McCain and Huckabee rather than McCain and Romney. Limbaugh’s head must explode.

Update: Clinton has won California.

Update: McCain also has California.

Update: Remember, most of the Dem primaries are handing out delegates in proportion to votes, not winner take all. So we won’t know until tomorrow how the delegates will be divided.

Update: There are hints Romney might drop out soon.

Update: I would like to stay up to see the result in Missouri. Obama is ahead by fewer than 5,000 votes. I’ll give it to 1 am EST.

Update: Obama gets Missouri, probably.

Update: Obama gets Alaska.

Update: Chuck Todd at MSNBC is saying the estimated Dem delegate count for today is

Obama 841
Clinton 837

This is not final, but we’re most likely looking at a split decision as far as delegates go.

The only Dem state still up for grabs is New Mexico. I’m guessing Clinton will have an edge there.

I’m going to bed.

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  1. As they talk about States & delegate count, I have not seen numbers which tell the overall popular vote on the Democratic side.

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