Today’s Caucuses

Huckabee routed McCain in Kansas, which ought to embarrass the Republicans. Over the past couple of days the Repugs have gotten a little too smug about saying they have a nominee and the Dems don’t.

Obama took Washington state and Nebraska by wide margins.

Update: Obama won Louisiana.

4 thoughts on “Today’s Caucuses

  1. Turnout at my Seattle precinct and those gathering at the same elementary school was easily twice and possibly three times 2004. My precinct and the other one jammed into the large classroom I was in both were heavily Obama. I think the vote count in my precinct was 31 Clinton, 78 Obama, and 1 lonely undecided.

    The WA Republicans are doing a weird hybrid thing, with half their delegates allocated through caucuses and half through a primary later this month. So McCain might still get some traction in the primary, but I doubt it. Our state GOP is pretty wacky.

  2. There are things in life I fail to understand & conservatives are one of them. My room mates are highly concerned about the waste associated with welfare programs. Last night we were watching Hillary Clinton’s boiler points speech during dinner and she said something to the nature of giving all children in the country pre-school. The Republicans just about gave birth to a small cow, and asked, “why should I have to pay for other peoples children going to pre-school?!?” Then they got aggravated over having children eating hot lunch and breakfast at school, “I never got a hot lunch at school, my school was so much cheaper since there was not a cafeteria and cooks [another layer of terrible, liberal, bureaucracy], why should any children get more than I got in school?…”

    My first response was utter bewilderment. What are they talking about? A couple of bucks a day to feed children who would not otherwise have an adequate lunch or breakfast and these strange Republicans make it sound like they would be starving due to the tax burden placed on them. Naturally, I think it is absurd!

    I understand the conservative mind set stresses independence and personal responsibility (i.e. we should not take up the slack for irresponsible parents who can’t are not feeding their children in the morning or making them bag lunch), but it appears they just don’t understand how life really is for single mothers or others whom are not doing as well as us. These comfortable middle class residentially zoned areas are terrible places to live and lead people into thinking about themselves more than others since everyone living around us is basically of the same white middle class socio-economic background. I’d like to move.

  3. The Republicans just about gave birth to a small cow….

    Too funny!

    Our first-ever caucuses in a state known for its cows (the literal kind), corn, and of course, lots & lots of Republicans, were a hoot. I learned there are two things we Democrats just can’t do as well as Republicans:
    1) organize events where there are enough chairs for everyone (or any chairs at all); and
    2) form regimental lines and count off, military-fashion. Even in a grade-school gymnasium.

    We can, however, recite the Pledge of Allegiance with as much faith and fervor as anyone.

    I had planned to caucus for John Edwards, and when he dropped out, I had planned to skip the caucus altogether. When it was clear that McCain has the Republican nomination (and it is clear, when you look at the delegate count), everything crystallized for me down to “STOP McCAIN.” With no disrespect intended to either Senator Clinton or those who support her, I believe only Obama can beat McCain in November, for a host of reasons. So I caucused for Obama, and was proud to do it. As of this morning, CNN’s delegate count has Obama 59 delegates behind Clinton; last evening the gap was 80.

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